A breeding ground for young, artistic and cultural entrepreneurs

You’re a Brussels artist. Alongside the purely artistic, culture for you also means critically reflecting on world views that determine our actions and thinking about alternatives that can provide counterweight. To fully develop, you’re looking for a sanctuary for creative rebellion.

Does this description sound like you? Then Barak Lili M is the project for you.

Barak Lili M

Barak Lili M (Pilar) offers enthusiastic mavericks a place where they can freely meet. A place where young cultural entrepreneurs can let their wild ideas grow. It’s a physical workspace, but coaching and support to develop your project are also among the options.

Barak Lili M consists of:

  • three workshop spaces;
  • a rehearsal room;
  • a breeding ground for cultural entrepreneurship.

In the three workshops, Barak Lili M welcomes you, a young Brussels artist whose work creates a link between art and science.

Turn your thoughts into deeds!

Do you have a wild idea, are you looking for a place to work on your project, or are you just curious about what Barak Lili M could do for you? Contact us now via the banner!

More info 

Artists wanted

Your commitment
  • Four months commitment
  • Objective: delivery of a final exhibition

What's in it for you?
  • 24/24 access to a workspace
  • Space for creative rebellion
  • Options for tailored coaching and support


Time to get creative!

Do you find yourself in a situation without any time or inspiration to be creative? Do you need a moment to turn in and unwind? Would you like to have a short chat with other creative minded people? Then the Creative Atelier of Barak Lili M might be something for you.

β€œCreative Atelier”, the name actually says it all, is a space designed as an β€˜atelier’ with focus on creativity. Here you can paint, write, draw and many other things. It's not about the final result, but about the freedom and relaxation of creating. The Atelier allows you to  escape the deadlines and obligations that come along with your student life.

The sessions take place weekly on Wednesday evenings, for about four hours. You follow a theme each session (this can be a word, a quote or a statement) and everyone can work around it without obligation. 

Want to join?

These sessions are currently taking place online. Interested to participate? Send a message to Lieselotte Weytjens through messenger and she will add you to the group. The sessions are in English.

*As an Urban Engaged University, we call upon our VUB community to help build a better world through social engagement. On the "The World Needs You" platform, the VUB collects socially meaningful projects on which students, staff, alumni and sympathisers can collaborate. These projects do not represent the university. The initiatives and communication are the responsibility of the project organisers and do not represent the university's position.