Diversity in the curriculum

In many (national and international) educational institutions, a debate is taking place about diversity in academic curricula. Current academic curricula are shown to tend to focus disproportionately on Western perspectives only, and on themes that (unconsciously) exclude specific groups. With the project 'Diversity in the Curriculum' the VUB joins this debate on diversity and inclusiveness of curricula and teaching practices and the decolonisation of academia. The aim of this project is to initiate a discussion on the importance of diversity and inclusiveness of VUB curricula and teaching practices, and to initiate a reflective awareness-raising process on how to make our curricula diversity-promoting. The Equality Team encouraged students and academic staff to reflect together on how to increase the presence of various themes and voices in the curriculum and how to improve the fit with the reference frameworks of various student populations. During an online event on 19 November the results of this research will be presented and together with you and the initiators of #WedecolonizeVUB we discuss how the VUB can follow up on this.

Towards more inclusivity with co-creation

The project 'Diversity in the Curriculum' and its findings will be presented by project researcher Christil Asamoah. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with Christil and VUB student and initiator of #WeDecolonizeVUB Latifah Abdou about the importance of decolonizing the VUB and the further steps. They will provide concrete recommendations during the online session and launch an open call to VUB’ers to take part.

Would you like to take part in a critical reflection on the importance of the decolonisation of our knowledge and why various perspectives and voices are relevant in contemporary curricula? Do you want to get involved in a journey to improve VUB in terms of equality and inclusiveness? Are you the right person to help shape policy into an equality action plan?

Sign up now for the online event on 19 November and discover what your role can be!


Thursday 19 November, 17.00-18.30

Online, via Zoom.

In English.



* You will receive a Zoom link for the online session once you have registered.

*As an Urban Engaged University, we call upon our VUB community to help build a better world through social engagement. On the "The World Needs You" platform, the VUB collects socially meaningful projects on which students, staff, alumni and sympathisers can collaborate. These projects do not represent the university. The initiatives and communication are the responsibility of the project organisers and do not represent the university's position.