Become a volunteer with Ladder'op and give underprivileged Brussels children the education they deserve!

Do you care that every child in Brussels gets the chance of a good education? Would you like to gain teaching experience and at the same time contribute to the Brussels society? Then Ladder'op is for you! 

Brussels struggles with a large educational gap between rich and poor students. This is because not every child gets the same opportunities for a good education, for example because they are not raised in Dutch or because they do not have enough money to take the streetcar to school. This problem has not escaped the students of the VUB either. In 2015 they therefore started up the VZW Ladder'. As a volunteer within this project, you give underprivileged Brussels children the chance of a bright future. The focus is on mastering the Dutch language, but in addition you offer the child help with social problems. This way you give a clear signal that the child or the family is not alone!   

Concretely, as a volunteer at Ladder'op you will first receive a starting lecture with all the information about the project and the children with whom Ladder'op works. Then the digital system matches you as a tutor with a child based on your travel time. This is followed by a first meeting between you, the mother of the child and other Ladder'op employees. Once that process is completed, you give the child personalized home coaching. In this way you create a bond with the child and give it hope for a bright future. Many underprivileged children in Brussels no longer have this hope, so it is very important that something is done about it! Moreover, it is also very instructive for you, because through the child you also get to know a completely different culture. Feeling the itch already? Do not hesitate and become a volunteer at Ladder'op today!

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You are... 
  • A VUB graduate who values equal opportunities in education for all Brussels children 
  • A VUB person who is good with children 
You have... 
  • A good knowledge of Dutch 
  • A strong motivation to support Brussels children 
What's in it for you? 
  • You give the child self-confidence 
  • You gain teaching experience 
  • You get access to other cultures 
  • It is a unique experience 
  • You can count on the follow-up and guidance of Ladder'op 
  • You can follow workshops on relevant themes such as multilingualism and education and racism 


Contact details

Projectleader: Hadiatou Diallo, Hannelore Piens, Luna Batota and Cinzia Tgliavini 


Tel: 0485 75 45 07

*As an Urban Engaged University, we call upon our VUB community to help build a better world through social engagement. On the "The World Needs You" platform, the VUB collects socially meaningful projects on which students, staff, alumni and sympathisers can collaborate. These projects do not represent the university. The initiatives and communication are the responsibility of the project organisers and do not represent the university's position.