Brussels Photonics Campus

A range of innovation opportunities.

The Photonics Campus houses high-tech platforms for micro-optical design in clean room conditions, next to a fully equipped technology hall for advanced polymer prototyping.

Directions Brussels Photonics Campus

Brussels Photonics Campus
Vollezelestraat 46
1755 Gooik
Tel. 02 791 68 52

With public transport

Take bus 162 or 502 to the 'Oetingen Gracht' or 'Oetingen Hazelaarswijk' stops.

By car

From Brussels: take the Ninoofsesteenweg (N8) in the direction of Ninove. Take a left at Eizeringen onto the Assesteenweg (N285) until you reach Leerbeek. At the traffic lights turn right into the N28 towards Ninove. Follow this road for 2,2km and subsequently turn left onto the Lenniksestraat. Continue along the Kerkstraat, Kloosterstraat and finally the Vollezelestraat.

Since Januari 2018, the Brussels Capital Region is a LEZ. LEZ stands for "Low Emission Zone". The term is used to designate where polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive in a given city, or areas of that city. It is one of the measures taken in numerous European cities to improve air quality and consequently public health. When driving to the Brussels Region by car or van, you can check here whether or not your vehicle is affected. If your vehicle is, you can use the transits parkings in Brussels or alternatives for the car (see above). Between January and October, 1th, there is a transition periode. From October, 1th on, failure to comply will lead to a fine. If you have a vehicle registered abroad, do not forget to register it online before visiting Brussels (even if you comply!) This can be done online (from July, 1th onwards).