Who is who?

The following people are part of the staff of this department.


Full time professor

Leo Van Audenhove

Full time professor

Pieter Ballon

Full time professor

Joke Bauwens

Full time professor

Benjamin De Cleen

Full time professor

Jan Loisen

Full time professor

Ike Picone

Full time professor

Jo Pierson

Full time professor

Kevin Smets

Guest professor

Cristina Gonzalez

Guest professor

Rob Heyman

Guest professor

Iris Jennes

Guest professor

Willem Joris

Guest professor

Marlen Komorowski

Guest professor

Sami Maeroum

Guest professor

Ilse Mariën

Guest professor

Trisha Meyer

Guest professor

Liesbeth Van de Vijver

Guest professor

Alfons Van Dyck

Guest professor

Olga Van Oost

Academic staff

Researchers and PhD Students


Lisa Ahenkona

Postdoctoral Researcher

Silvia Almenara Niebla

Visiting Staff

Baviane Abdellah

Isadora Barros

Isabel Berckmans

Kaitlyn Alessendra Maria Bolongaro

Pol Camps Arago

Zhao Chen

Paola Norah Condemayta Soto

Sophie De Schaepdrijver

Edgard Eeckman

Stergios Fotopoulos

Michal Glowacki

Jose Ramon Gonzalez Moriano

Wouter Grove

Yuwen Gu

Marco Houben

Yu Jiao

Yasemin Karsli

Silke Lissens

Jinxixi Lyu

Sophie Meszaros

Valériane Mistiaen

Ana Guadalupe Peres Cajias

Marina Rossato Fernandes

Ellen Schryvers

Dana Schurmans

Omran Shroufi

Greta Splingaer

Sarah Talboom

Adriana Van Der Graaf

Jolien van Keulen

Sarah Van Leuven

Hubert Van Puyenbroeck

Wim Vanobberghen

Christina Voniati

Xiaoxian Wang

Yuejue Zhang

Erisa Zykaj

Research & Research Centers

The Communication Studies Department is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Solvay Business School (ES).

The research activities of the department coincide in practice with the work of the three research groups: DESIRE, ECHO and SMIT

The members of the Communication Studies Department at Vrije Universiteit Brussel closely collaborate with the following research centers.




  • De Cleen Benjamin (International Chair & VUB Group Chair)

Echo is devoted to the study of meaning across media, culture and politics, and their intersections. The group is home to an international group of scholars working on how meaning circulates, fluctuates, and resonates in society. Echo's aim is to produce a critical and nuanced understanding of how the reproduction and contestation of meaning contributes to social, cultural and political change and continuity.


  •  Benjamin De Cleen (co-director)
  •  Kevin Smets (co-director)



  • Ballon Pieter (Director)

Specialisations - introduction videos

The Master of Communication Sciences offers six specialisations, four in Dutch and two in English. In the videos below, the responsible teachers explain their direction.  Charging the videos may take a few seconds.

1. Media, Strategische Communicatie & Marketing

video in Dutch

2. Media & Cultuur

video in Dutch

3. Media, Journalistiek & Politiek

video in Dutch

4. Media, Internet & Globalisering

video in Dutch

5. New Media and Society in Europe

video in Dutch

6. Journalism and Media in Europe

video in Dutch (JPD/JME), JME starts at 02.22


We have a record of numerous books and book chapters published by the key academic publishers, and hundreds of articles in major political science journals.

View our online publications.

Online publications

Start a PhD

Read below what you have to do before starting a PhD.

What to prepare?

Before contacting a possible supervisor, please prepare a research proposal (max. 10 pages), including these elements:

  • State of the art
  • Objectives of the research
  • Methodology
  • Work plan
  • Bibliographical references that are relevant for your research proposal
  • List of your publications (if appropriate)

Additionally, you should also provide your Bachelor's and Master's transcripts of records.

For further information about doing a PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, please see the following page.

Secretary of the Department: Communication Studies

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At 5 minutes walking distance from the Etterbeek train station, and 10 minutes from the metro stations Petillon or Delta.

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Address for correspondence

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