Our Faculty's network extends across different sectors and domains, inside and outside VUB. It consists of our alumni, chairs, honorary doctorates, and fellows. Take advantage of this network to build your own professional career.


Have you graduated from VUB? Then you belong to a unique network of 75,000 former students (also known as alumni) who are ready to build a better future. Make use of it, because your connections can inspire you and help you shape your own career. We give you 4 tips to strengthen your alumni network.

  1. Read the stories of our mentors and professionals

    Every week our alumni tell their stories to inspire others about their studies and job choice. Are you impressed by someone's experiences? Connect on LinkedIn.

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  2. Follow VUB on LinkedIn

    Via LinkedIn, you will stay in the loop on our organisation and our research. Besides, you can easily connect with fellow alumni and expand your professional network.

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  3. Scroll our Wall of Faces 

    In over 50 years of existence, quite a few brilliant minds have made their contribution to VUB. Scroll through the timeline, discover interesting alumni profiles and get in touch on LinkedIn.

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  4. Become a member of your alumni association

    Become a member of your faculty or study-programme alumni association. This way you keep up to date with developments within your field, news on your alma mater, interesting programmes and networking events.

    Solvay Schools Alumni

    Solvay Business School

    Alumni Organisation of Social Sciences


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A chair is the ideal way to create a partnership between companies or organisations and VUB. It is the number-one method to broaden the research of your company with the help of the research team of VUB. Moreover, VUB has an opportunity to test insights and hypotheses in practice thanks to its cooperation with companies. A win-win for both parties! You will find the following chairs within the Faculty.

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2022_Stanbeeld_Denker In Alle Staten_Willy VANDENDORPE_Kunstwerk_VUB
Eredoctorandus op het podium op het DHC Ceremony

Honorary doctorates

Since 1978, personalities from the most diverse backgrounds have received honorary doctorates from VUB, in recognition of their efforts within their field of study and for our society. There are also some alumni of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Solvay Business School among them!

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Fellows are business leaders, executives, policymakers, journalists and other socially impactful people, who make their expertise available at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In this way, they open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Fellows and Honorary Fellows are linked to each faculty and new Fellows are chosen every year. Our faculty already has more than 40!

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