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Peter Ganong

Keynote Speaker

Prof. dr. Peter Ganong

Peter Ganong is an associate professor of public policy at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. He studies income volatility and policies to mitigate its consequences. In his research on the foreclosure crisis, he found that most borrowers defaulted due to insufficient liquidity and that many foreclosures could have been averted through liquidity-focused modifications to mortgages. He also has found that unemployment benefits play a crucial role in sustaining the consumption of unemployed workers. In ongoing work, he is studying the effects of racial wealth inequality and the effects of high liquidity on the US economy. He received a B.A. and a Ph.D., both in economics, from Harvard University.

Submission until 31 March 2024

Full working papers should be sent (in pdf) no later than March 31, 2024 to

Please include the following information in your email when submitting the paper:

  1. An abstract of the paper, not exceeding 300 words
  2. The subfield of finance for which you would like to submit among the following list:
    - Asset Pricing/Management 
    - Banking
    - Climate Finance
    - Corporate Finance/Governance
    - Financial Econometrics
    - Financial Networks
    - Insurance
    - International Finance
    - Macro-Finance
    - Microstructure
    - Pensions
    - Quantitative Finance
    - Risk Management
    - Stochastic Modelling
    - Sustainable Finance
    - Systemic Risk
  3. The contact information (name, affiliation, email) for all authors

Submissions will be carefully examined by a scientific committee of experts. We intend to ask for every presented paper a discussant. A notice of acceptance for presentation will be sent at the latest by April 8, 2024.


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Kris Boudt (UGent), Sven Damen (UA), Hans Degryse (KU Leuven), Jean-Yves Gnabo (UNamur), Julien Hambuckers (ULg), Leonardo Iania (UCL), Koen Inghelbrecht (UGent), Anneleen Michiels (UHasselt), Kursat Önder (UGent), Kim Oosterlinck (ULB), Laetitia Pozniak (UMons), Steven Vanduffel (VUB),  David Veredas (Vlerick) & Raf Wouters (NBB).


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