Wednesday, 20 September, 2023 up to and including Friday, 22 September, 2023 - 08:30 until 16:30

Cantersteen 12, 1000 Brussel

€ 750


While we are entering a new digital decade, data, data processing and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to play a transformative role for both the public and the private sector. At the same time, public authorities and other regulators across the globe are adopting a tsunami of new rules and standards on data and AI that organizations will have to comply with. Organizations will not be able to leverage the opportunities of the new digital ecosystem without understanding the new rules of the game.

Target Audience and Discount

This training was designed for professionals from public and private organizations that want to be ready to comply with the new European regulations on data and artificial intelligence (GDPR, Data Governance Act, Data Act, Regulations on European data spaces)

As FARI is supported by the European Resilience & Recovery Fund (RRF), we can offer a 50% discount to participants from the following target groups:

  • Public administrations
  • Public institutions
  • Research institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • NGOs and non-profit organisations
  • Brussels based companies
  • Brussels citizens

Day 1 (20.09.2023)

Module 1: The Challenge of Compliance with AI & Data Regulation

(a) Main challenges for organizations related to AI & Data Regulations compliance;

(b) Computational thinking and compliance;

(c) Presentation and discussion of the Challenge: Premortem.

Module 2 – Understanding the New European Digital Framework in Practice.

(a) The rationale behind the new European regulatory framework;

(b) Understanding the European Common Data Space;

(c) The β€˜ethical’ requirements in practice;

(d) Your organization’s journey.

Day 2 (21.09.2023)

Module 3 – What the AI Act means for your organization?

(a) Presentation of the AI Act;

(b) The Role of Technical Standardization and other tools;

(c) Discussion: Impact of the AI Act on your Challenge

Module 4 – Personal Data: GDPR and beyond

(a) Reminder of the GDPR framework;

(b) Framework regarding personal and non-personal data;

(c) Impact of Data Governance Act & Data Act;

(d) Discussion: impact of the rules regarding data on your challenge

Day 3 (22.09.2023)

Module 5 – Takeaways & Toolkit to Navigate the New European Digital Regulations.

(a) Regtech and other solutions for compliance;

(b) Takeaways;

(c) Beginning of the post-mortem: discussion with participants on their challenges.

Module 6 – Post-mortem: discussion with participants on their challenges