Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 12:00 until 14:00
VUB Main Campus Etterbeek
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Elsene
Braem (M) Building - 1st floor
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About the theme

Perhaps start with a statement that may sound provocative. The scientist investigates a reality that already exists or, in the extreme case, should exist. They do so using a methodology that guarantees, as far as possible, the provability and repeatability of these facts. The artist investigates a reality that does not exist, or, in the extreme case, a reality that, scientifically speaking, cannot exist, but is possible in the imagination. This makes their research radically different from a scientific approach, even is science can be helpful in this research. 
The scientist approaches an objective reality, the artist seeks a subjective reality. The artist does not allow himself to be forced into a scientific straitjacket: that results in irrelevant research and, what is worse, in bad art.

Is this really a provocation? Perhaps, but it may provide food for thought. This edition of Food for Thought on Research in the Arts is organised by VUB vice rectorate for Research and Brussels Arts Platform.
The theme will be introduced by Klaas Tindemans and Vanessa del campo wil give a personal testimony about her journey through science and artistic research.

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by vice-president Prof. dr. Katia Segers

Introduction to artistic research

by Prof. dr. Klaas Tindemans

Testimony by dr. Vanessa del Campo

Vanessa del Campo is filmmaker pursuing a PhD in the Arts at the VUB and RICTS. For this research, she is developing two films: Moon Diary and Letters. She graduated with a Master of Audiovisual Arts at LUCA School of Arts, after studying cinema in Spain and Cuba.

Her last short film Mars, Oman premiered at Visions du Reel, and received the IDFA Talent award, the Sangalli award for cultural dialogue, and the best international short  film award at MiradasDoc.

As first training, she is doctor in Aerospace Engineering from the UPC, in Barcelona, where she worked as lecturer until she changed her career direction. This experience is linked to her actual research, that will be also nourished in a Ville Albertine artistic residency in the USA in the fall of 2022, with the purpose of deconstructing the space imaginary.

Vanessa guides students yearly in the Transversaal Atelier participative art workshop at RITCS and is collaborating in a Global Minds cooperation project from the VUB. 

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