Help us to put cancer in lockdown.

Let prof. dr. ir. Damya Laoui take the next step towards a breast cancer vaccine.


Preparing the next step towards clinical trials

The study of a potential cancer therapy is multifaceted. It is a long war being fought at many fronts simultaneously. With their clinical trials on triple negative breast cancer patients, prof. dr. ir. Laoui and her team are facing a great opportunity to prepare a new attack on breast cancer. Support the researchers in their fight.

Their battleplan is clear though their resources limited

Clinical trials are essential to get a potential therapy to the patients. But this next step comes with a high financial cost. You can support the scientists in achieving their objectives. Discover the masterplan of professor Laoui below.

The researchers cannot conduct clinical trials on human tumor samples without an approval. More research and resources are needed to obtain one.

Without this machine the scientists cannot isolate dendritic cells from tumors. €300.000 is needed for the purchase of this machine.

Without an improvement of the vaccination method, the dendritic cells cannot overcome the resistant tumors. A great amount of money is needed to realize this improvement.

An analysis is necessary to prove that the therapy could affect breast- and other cancer patients. But for this step alone, Damya Laoui’s team requires €100.000.

Why the studies on triple negative breast cancer samples?

This type of cancer is very aggressive and menaces 1 on 5 breast cancer patients. The tumor often hits young women. Unfortunately, there is little hope for patients relapsing on triple negative breast cancer. The patients are negative for the three receptors (oestrogen, progesterone and HER2). Hence the name ‘triple negative’.

This makes these particular breast cancer patients not responsive to hormonal therapies or trastuzumab (Herceptin), limiting their treatment options and chances of healing. Prof. dr. ir. Laoui hopes to help these patients with her dendritic cell therapy. If she succeeds in her goal, her breakthrough method will hopefully lead to the treatment of other types of cancer as well.

How does the therapy with dendritic cells work?

  1. Identify the dendritic cells via biopsy
  2. Check which dendritic cells are active to combat cancer relapse
  3. Isolate the active dendritic cells with the TytoMacs Sorter
  4. Inject the same patient with the dendritic cells


Donate online or via bank transfer on the IBAN account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of the VUB with reference GIFT FO3.

Help develop the cancer vaccine of Damya Laoui
‘I was lucky but so many other women aren’t’ Yamina Krossa, founder of the VUB Yamina Krossa fund and ex-breast cancer patient.

VUB. Every donation returns.

If the clinical trials prove to be successful, we won’t only have a new therapy for triple negative breast cancer (15 to 20% of all breast cancer patients), but also for other types of cancer. Help us to reach this milestone.

You can either donate online or via bank transfer on the IBAN account number

BE51 0013 6779 3562 of the VUB with reference GIFT FO3.

‘The moment to test our therapeutic concept on human samples has finally arrived.’

Prof. dr. ir. Damya Laoui, team leader Tumor Immunology at the VUB.