The world needs you to take care of it. Climate, plastic, energy, biodiversity, food ... Planet has many faces, but there are solutions. Much has to do with our lifestyle, but science and technology can also help keep the planet habitable. We need to adapt our human activities to the natural limits of our planet.

For six weeks te VUB Community can watch inspiring and engaging films thanks to the partnership with Flagey and inspiring curators. Every week a different theme, every week new films. All in the context of 'The World Needs You'. Order your (free) ticket on the film festival's website. You will receive an email with your personal link for six weeks of film pleasure. 

Many faces of Planet

VUB alumnus Pieter Elsen and founder of Canal it Up took matters literally into his own hands in Brussels. He set out on the canal with his kayak and took out the plastic himself. So The Story of Plastic (2019, Deia Schlosberg, USA) is not a surprising choice. Trapped by Plastic, the 9-minute short film by VUB student Anny Tubbs, ties in seamlessly with this.

Another alumna, Natalie Eggermont, founded Climate Express during her VUB student days. Thousands of young people travelled by train to the Paris climate conference to increase the pressure on the world leaders. Earlier, she had also set up The Train to Warsaw, and now the organisation is focusing its gaze on Glasgow 2021. With Los Retornados (2020, Pieter De Vos & Tessa Boeykens, BE/GU), it opts for the human story of Planet.

Other themes this week: the VUB fox and the special biodiversity in Brussels, the fight for the protection of the Redwood forest and the touching story of the Bolivian ski lift operator Samuel and global warming.

Order your (free) ticket on the film festival's website.