Anne van den Oever recently received the award โ€œBest Young Biomass Researcherโ€ during the hybrid World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) 2021 in Wels, Austria.

She presented her review on the energy efficiency of Fischer-Tropsch fuels during the Young energy Researchers Conference and the European Pellet conference. ย She demonstrated that scientists tend to think that the definition of energy efficiency is unambiguous, while in fact many different definitions of energy efficiency are being used in the scientific literature. As the transparency on the energy efficiency calculations is generally low, this leads to inaccurate comparisons.

Over 650 experts attended this yearโ€™s edition of the WSED and around 60 papers from 40 countries were submitted to the Young Energy Researchers Conference. This conference is an important part of the WSED, and each year the best contributions will be honoured with the awards โ€œBest Young Researcher: Biomassโ€ and the โ€œBest Young Researcher: Energy Efficiencyโ€ to encourage the work of young researchers . The winners each receive 1,000 Euro as prize money.