In March 2024, VUB student Elias Sahlieh won a โ€˜Diplomacy Awardโ€™ at the Harvard World Model United Nations (Harvard WorldMUN) in Taipei. Fellow VUB students Inรจs Viale de Meรปter, Daan Pierson, Lova De Wilde, and Zuzanna Kolodziejska received an โ€˜honourable mentionโ€™ for their representation of Haiti. These awards and mentions are highly prestigious, as Harvard WorldMUN is widely regarded as the Olympics of Model United Nations.

At a Model United Nations (MUN), students take on the roles of delegates in various United Nations committees. Their goal is to draft and approve resolutions with concrete policy proposals. Founded in 2002, VUBMUN is the oldest Belgian Model United Nations association. Each year, it assembles a dedicated team of students to participate in MUN conferences around the globe.

Before the recent 2024 event, VUBMUN last participated in Harvard WorldMUN in 2019. The association has also competed in several other MUN competitions, including LIMUN, organised by Kingโ€™s College London, and VVNMUN in Brussels.

The accolades earned by VUB students at Harvard WorldMUN highlight the exceptional quality of the VUBMUN team. Each year, VUB students can apply to join this team and, after coaching, participate in upcoming MUN conferences. For more information, visit