For the fifth year running, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Universitรฉ libre de Bruxelles (ULB) are taking part in the Belgian and European Pride. As urban engaged universities, the two Brussels institutions are participating in the demonstration on 20 May in Brussels to defend gender freedom and diversity, combat stereotypes and break taboos for the LGBTQIA+ community. Because while both universities have always been active advocates of equal rights for LGBT people, long before the legislature allowed it, the battle is still not over.

Foto's: (c) VUB/Jean Cosyn

Pride ULB VUB Vlag

The theme chosen by the Belgian and European Pride 2023 is Protect the Protest, the slogan of Amnesty Internationalโ€™s campaign. Protesting is a fundamental human right that must be defended.

ULB VUB Bezoeker Pride

โ€œBy participating in Belgian and European Pride, VUB, as an open-minded university, is embracing all forms of diversity,โ€ explains VUB rector Jan Danckaert. โ€œWe believe every person is unique and deserves equal respect. Everyone is welcome on our campus, regardless of their origin, gender or sexual orientation. Because what does it matter? Love and diversity make life beautiful and interesting. We should all embrace both.โ€

Annemie Schaus, rector of ULB: โ€œHuman rights are threatened all over the world, and attacks on peopleโ€™s dignity are happening everywhere. Our university will, in line with its previous engagement, stand by the side of participants in the Belgian Pride to defend respect for and inclusion of LGBTQI+ people. Everyone, without exception, is entitled to the benefit of equality!โ€

Pride ULB VUB Bezoekster