Medical after-care 

An abortion treatment will rarely involve complications. You may experience blood loss after the procedure, similar to a normal period. After an abortion pill treatment you may have more blood loss than usual. Some women may also feel cramps in the week following the treatment. Our staff will explain this to you.

A medical follow-up is not always necessary. If you are concerned, if the doctor considers it advisable or if you have had an IUD inserted, you can make a follow-up appointment with us. This appointment is included in the service and is therefore free of charge.

If you were referred by your own doctor, we will send them a report (only with your agreement, of course).

Psychosocial after-care 

Most women do not experience major psychological effects after an abortion. Grief is normal, however. Some feel it more than others.

If you need to talk to us after an abortion - no matter how long ago it took place - you are certainly welcome to do so. You can also come to us as a partner or former partner. You can book an appointment by telephone. This assistance is free of charge.

If you prefer to seek assistance elsewhere, you can turn to

Advice on birth control

During the consultations at Dilemma, we can help you look for the contraceptive method that is most suitable for you. Our doctors and staff are highly experienced in this field and have all the necessary expertise to assist you. And so after the abortion you can use the contraception that suits you best.

More information on birth control