Dear athlete,

Just like the rest of the world, Flanders is still threatened by a corona virus that has already claimed thousands of lives. Without government measures, and without the efforts we have made (and must continue to make), many more people would have died. Sport was also restricted. And the virus is certainly not extinguished yet ... and with the start of the new academic year, we must therefore remain more vigilant than ever!
However, sport and exercise are very important, not only for our health but also our mental and social well-being. That is why the managers of the sports sector have also urged people to gradually give people more opportunities to indulge themselves in sports. And that is precisely why VUB Sport has - just like in previous years - developed a varied sportsmix and the swimming pool and our sports infrastructure are once again accessible to everyone, provided they follow specific precautions!

The most important thing here is that, TOGETHER, we have to ensure that the sports world does not become the lighter of a new Corona peak.
As long as there is no effective vaccine against Covid-19, we will have to remain cautious. That is why we ask all athletes and all sports coaches to follow the rules and not look for loopholes or tricks to get around those rules.

However you exercise, the most important thing is to stay at home if you have potential corona symptoms and to keep 1.5 meter away before, during and after exercise. Do that for your own health, but also for the health of your fellow athletes and all the people you come into contact with.
Sport is indeed important but not important enough to risk human life.


Corona measures VUB Sport

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