How much money do I need?

Prior to leaving your home country, please check with your bank if your bank card can be used in Belgium, at least until you have a Belgian bank card, as sometimes international students’ bank cards are not adaptable to be used outside their home country.

Besides the VUB-tuition fee, you should provide at least 1000,- EUR a month. In all, the recommended minimum amounts required are:

  • One-year programme: aprox. 10.200 EUR - 10.750 EUR
  • Two-year programme: aprox. 20.000 EUR
  • General Tuition fees
Expenses EUR
Accomodation 400
Food 150
Household/personal hygiene 30
Clothing 50
Transportation 40
Insurance (medical/fire/third liability/etc.) 30
Leisure 75
Phone/internet/cable newspaper/etc. 75
Furniture/kitchenware/household appliances (microwave) 50
Computer 50
Medical expenses (non refundable) 25
Savings (unexpected expenses) 25
Monthly total 1000

Note that during the first month of your stay you will have exceptional costs for registration, copies of documents and often a warranty for your accommodation.

  • Taxi from airport to university (+/- 40 EUR).
  • Costs for temporary accommodation. You will need temporary accommodation while you look for somewhere to live. A cheap hostel close to the university costs +/-15 EUR per day for a single room.
  • The warranty for your accomodation. Every landlord asks the tenant for a warranty, which can go as high as 3 months’ rent. When you vacate the accommodation in good condition, the warranty will be paid back to you.
  • Health insurance. This is compulsory.
  • Tuition fee.
  • Some educational materials have to be bought.
  • Costs for equipment (furniture, kitchenware, computer). This can be expensive.
Expenses EUR
Taxi 40
Temporary accommodation (1 week) 200
Accommodation warranty 250 - 750
Health insurance 45
Tuition fee 505 - 1050
Educational materials 150
Total 1180 - 2210

Although they have signed a document in which they solemnly declare to have sufficient financial means, some students still come to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel without being able to support themselves financially. Please note that the Vrije Universiteit Brussel will decline any claim for financial support in any form