After graduation

A bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Literary Studies opens doors to a variety of specific master’s programmes, such as our Multilingual Master in Linguistics and Literary Studies (MUMA, English-taught), the Master in de Taal- en Letterkunde (Dutch-taught), the Educational Master (eduMA, Dutch-taught), the ManaMA Literatuurwetenschappen (Dutch-taught), the Master in de Journalistiek (Dutch-taught), the Master in het Vertalen (Dutch-taught, short preparatory programme needed), the Master in het Tolken (Dutch-taught, short preparatory programme needed) and many more. 

This international degree is designed to prepare you for the globalised labour market where multilingualism, world citizenship and international expertise are becoming increasingly important. After obtaining your master's degree, you will gain access to a host of exciting professions in cultural institutions, the civil service, and multinational companies, in fields as diverse as communication, education, IT, journalism, tourism, politics, publishing and various other sectors that need polyglots like you!

What have you learnt?

Your bachelor studies will prepare you to become a truly international world citizen. Your linguistic knowledge and proficiency level will increase over three years by following specific courses that focus on oral and written language acquisition and practice, linguistics and literary studies. At the same time, your critical insights and analytical research skills will be enhanced, and internationalisation will become part of your identity. 

Thanks to the unique flexibility of this programme, you can build a wide range of skills and make choices to match your particular preferences. The three building blocks allowing for maximum flexibility in the programme are: (1) courses in linguistics and literary studies in the target language, (2) your chosen languages and (3) the strong focus on internationalisation.

Further study

Would you like to expand your expertise even further after you have completed your bachelor's degree? Then the following programmes may be of interest to you.

What professions will it allow you to enter?

Once you have obtained your bachelor's and master's degree, many doors to a very diverse job market will open. Language specialists are sought everywhere: you will be able to work in the private sector or at (non-)governmental organisations. Students achieving excellent results for their master's degree can also consider one of our PhD programmes, or maybe you’re interested in sharing your knowledge by teaching or counseling. Highly-skilled professionals with an excellent command of various languages and a good understanding of multiple cultures are needed in national and international public institutions and companies. Brussels is the perfect environment to prepare you for such a job. You will gain access to a host of exciting professions in cultural institutions, the civil service, and multinational companies, in fields as diverse as communication, education, IT, journalism, tourism, politics, publishing, and various other sectors that need polyglots such as you!

Are you aware that VUB sometimes looks for specialists in linguistics and literary studies?

That's right! You can build an exciting and meaningful career as a specialist in linguistics and literary studies here at your alma mater. As a large organisation, we look for very diverse profiles.

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Join our community of former students

On graduation from VUB, you become part of a unique network of 75,000 former students (known as alumni) who are ready to build a better future. We exchange as many experiences, ideas and other forms of knowledge as possible to stand stronger together in our jobs, our lives and the world outside.

Thus, besides strengthening your position on the labour market, a VUB degree gives you a network you can build on to realise your professional ambitions and make a difference in the world. Do you need more reasons? We list some more for you below.

Proclamatie van Recht en Criminologie aan de VUB

... it's worth it!

  • Career inspiration - Are you looking for a job that matches your passions? Read the career stories and tips of former students and discover the possibilities per diploma.
  • Help with job applications - It is sometimes hard for young alumni to find their way on the labour market. We help you get off to a flying start.
  • Networking - Join your faculty or study programme alumni association and keep up to date with the latest networking events and developments in your field.
  • Our continuing education - Society and the job market are constantly on the move. Our continuing education courses keep your knowledge and skills relevant for a lifetime.
  • Benefits on and off campus - A BasicFit annual subscription at half the price, student rates in the Resto... : being a former student pays off with a digital alumni pass.

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