Which programmes can you combine?

You can combine your studies with unemployment benefit if you:

  • take classes after 5 pm or on Saturdays
  • enrol for fewer than 27 study points
  • take a programme under an exam contract (regardless of the number of study points)
  • or remain available for employment and take up suitable work offers


Exemption to take a full curriculum programme

Are you enrolled with a diploma or credit contract for at least 27 study points (full curriculum) for each academic year? If so, you can only retain your unemployment benefit if you obtain an exemption from availability.

The conditions for obtaining such an exemption vary by region. Depending on where you live, you must contact a different department for employment arbitration.

  • Flanders: VDAB 
  • Brussels-Capital Region: ACTIRIS
  • Wallonia: FOREM 
  • German-speaking community: ADG