• No matter how good your English is in a daily context, it may suddenly leave you in the lurch in an academic setting. That is logical, because its jargon and characteristic style make ‘Academic English’ almost seem like a different language. The course ‘Academic English 1’ gives you a good understanding of the basics of that language. You focus on all facets of English in an academic context: e.g. reading academic texts, using academic register and jargon, giving presentations etc.

  • This course focuses explicitly on the characteristics of the more formal academic style, but your general language skills will also be improved: the course will help you further develop your vocabulary and grammar skills.

  • Practical exercises give you the opportunity of improving your speaking and writing skills.  

  • Presentation skills are also covered. You structure ideas and content into an interesting whole, which you subsequently learn to present clearly and interestingly.


This course is intended for those with a good basic knowledge of English who wish to further develop their English language (academic) skills.
Enrolment is open to VUB students only.


Britt Gabriëls


VUB Campus Etterbeek

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Number of hours: this course is a blended-learning course consisting of 20 hours of synchronous on-campus classes and 10 hours of asynchronous online self-study learning (i.e. 3 lesson hours/week in total). It lasts for one semester and is offered in both the first and second semesters (the registration for the second semester will open in January 2023) .

Please note: Academic English 1 course takes place on Tuesday between 11am and 1pm. As for any language course, regular attendance in class is important in order to make progress. This is why attendance in class is compulsory. Students who cannot attend one out of two contact hours due to overlap will not be able to enrol in this course.




In 22-23 this course is only intended for VUB students who can take this course as an optional course in their study program.

To be sure that this is the right course for you, you must first take a placement test. You cannot enrol for the course without passing this test.

Please note: the placement tests are always scheduled before the course starts. That means that you already have to enrol for this course before the start of the semester. Unfortunately, you cannot join the course once it has started.

Register by 27 September 2022 at the latest. Click here to participate in the placement test.