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The Fund for Natural Sciences in Society is an initiative of alumna in experimental physics Krist'l Van Ouytsel. The Fund supports the Solvay Science project, the STEM Support Centre Brussels, and the Physics and Astronomy Department at VUB.

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Solvay Science Project

Since 1911, the Solvay Councils on Physics and Chemistry have been held in Brussels. The documents of these historic Solvay councils are a unique source for analysing the development of modern physics and chemistry. They have made their way to archive centres all over the world. The International Institutes for Physics and Chemistry (IIFC) - founded by E. Solvay and managed by VUB, ULB and the Solvay family - wishes to collect and preserve the documents. That is why the Solvay Science Project (SSP) was created in 2018, in cooperation with VUB and ULB.  

Objective of the fund? Gaining recognition by UNESCO for the historical importance of the Solvay Councils.

STEM Support Centre Brussels

STEM promotes Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Since 2016, STEM Support Centre Brussels has been supporting teachers in the Brussels region with innovative STEM education. It is associated with the Brussels University Association (UAB).

Objective of the fund? To give the Centre a financial boost in its activities.


Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Physics and Astronomy Department at VUB works on disseminating and popularising physics and astronomy.

Objective of the fund? To awaken greater interest in young people in secondary education in studying physics and astronomy, and natural sciences in general, at VUB.

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Donate online or by bank transfer to the account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of VUB with the reference GIFT FO8. Donations from € 40 are tax-deductible.


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