Research on the values of socio-economic organisation

The Fund for research on the values of socio-economic organisation allows prof. dr. Koen Byttebier to conduct scientific research for five years. To be able to focus on his research, thanks to the resources provided by the fund, he will suspend some of his teaching activities and be replaced in those.

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2022_Portret_Koen Byttebier_VUB

Prof. dr. Koen Byttebier

Prof. dr. Byttebier has been working at the Faculty of Law and Criminology since 1994 and has been teaching:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Monetary and financial law
  • Commercial law
  • Insolvency law
  • Legal Issues of Entrepreneurial Behaviour in a Comparative and Global Context.

His specialisations are Economic Law and Banking and Insurance Law.

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