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Would you like to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development? Then a Series of More-than-Human Encounters is there to enlighten you!


Are the values of freedom, equality, and belonging very important to you?

How do you prevent the stigmatization of non-normative bodies and minds? Which legal reform is needed to strengthen the position of non-humans within a human-centered worldview? And what about the authority of other natural elements, such as water, mountains, or forests? These are just a few important questions that need answers in the struggle towards a world based on inclusiveness. This has not escaped the notice of the VUB, which is why it supports A Series of More-Than-Human Encounters. The project investigates the relationships between humans and non-humans and provides insights from leading international speakers. More specifically, the series exposes how a world shaped in terms of imperialism, patriarchy, and capitalism leads to exclusion and abuse of power.  

The project thus enables you, as a VUB graduate, to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development at every level. Through the online lectures, you will learn about a wide range of topics such as human rights, gender equality, the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, the appreciation of cultural diversity, and so on. Moreover, you also contribute to three important pillars: freedom, equality, and solidarity. Freedom is implemented in the series because it is not guided by Western thought patterns. Other forms of knowledge were featured as well. Equality in the series stands for equality and recognition of diversity. Finally, connectedness is found through themes such as equality and diversity and our concern for a respectful relationship with our fellow men, with more-than-humans, and with the world. With that knowledge, you can make an important difference in the fight for an inclusive world! So don't hesitate and follow one of the live lectures via zoom or consult them on the VUB website!  

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