Two large construction sites will hinder accessibility at Brussels Main Campus in Etterbeek until the end of 2023. But above all: respect the 'no go' zones for your own safety.

On the map you will find which zones are prohibited and how you can enter the campus. For the safety of all campus users, the single will be completely closed to unauthorized persons until the end of 2023.

Two construction zones

  • The first site zone is located between the future Learning & Innovation Center and buildings F and G, from the 2nd barrier at building T to Rotule 4 (between buildings E and F). The single will be completely closed off, so that building E and F are only accessible via the Esplanade and parking F and G only via entrance 13.
  • The second construction zone includes all construction sites on the entire site of the Willy Van Der Meeren, i.e. the (colored) old student rooms. In the middle of campus.

We urge all campus users not to enter these hazardous construction sites. It is forbidden and dangerous.


Campus access with new staff card

Campus access with new staff card

There's a new access system on the campuses in Jette and Etterbeek. After opening hours you can only open the doors with your new staff card. Make sure you get one if you don't have one yet.

Read more about the barriers as well.

Read more about access on the Brussels Health Campus.

Read more about access on the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus.

Our open campuses

The VUB is open, and you can take that literally. Our 'open campus concept' merges VUB campuses with the city in a natural flow. Discover all practical information for students, staff and visitors.

  • Info regarding the barriers down below.
  • Visitors can make use of our outdoor infrastructure or our specific services for visitors, such as our sports, cultural, catering or library infrastructure.
  • Inside our education, research of administrative buildings you have to able to identify yourself through your student or staff card. Alumni can apply for an alumni pass.
  • Using our infrastructure is subject to regulations. Please read our parking- and key policy.

Access by car

From 14 April 2021, the barriers will be activated at both the Brussels Health Campus in Jette and the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus in Etterbeek.

Hereby some guidelines (Service Now knowledge articles) regarding access to these barriers:

*Info at Service Now available for everyone (not only for staff or students)

If you have further questions regarding Access management? Create a ticket at Infradesk@vub.be


    Map Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus (Etterbeek)
    Map Brussels Health Campus (Jette)

    Opening hours buildings

    There are no fixed opening hours for our buildings. On the Etterbeek campus, security starts to open buildings at 6am from Monday to Friday. This can take up to one hour to finish. Buildings will be closed depending on the activities taking place, e.g. opening hours services, events, ... . Mostly there are classes until 10 pm on weekdays.

    The parkings in Etterbeek regularly open around 6:30 on weekdays. Parking M already closes at 6pm for cars. Parking F, G, B, C and Q stay open until 8:30, parking K until midnight. You can reach your car at any time and drive out of the parking lot by pressing the exit button next to the gate.

    Do you have to access a certain building, but it appears to be closed? Please contact the security.

    Campus services for everybody

    Students, staff and alumni find an elaborate service offer on their portals. Certain services are publicly accessible.

    Welcome on our campus

    Services for visitors

    Access to your office

    Next to our public areas we have many offices, laboratoria or rooms with limited access. An elaborate badge and transponder network manages access to these spaces.

    VUB Security manages the key service and security technics of our infrastructure. They deliver keys and transponders, put cylinders in place, repair locks, manage access rights for badges, … . They also manage access control and barriers, safety and camera systems, key lockers and visitor registration.

    Our key service can be found in building F. Do not hesitate to contact them through Infradesk.

    How do you apply for a transponder or badge?

    VUB staff can ask their secretariat or head of office to apply for a transponder or badge at Infradesk. Pick ‘security technics’ and choose from:

    • Badge
    • new key
    • new transponder
    • return item
    • lost item
    • change access rights

    Your first badge / transponder is free. Loss or damage has to be paid by your unit. Please report loss of keys, transponders or badges always straight away.

    You will receive a message as soon as your (new) key or transponder is ready. You can pick them up at the key service in building F.

    Students and external staff can apply for a transponder or badge to access our bike sheds.

    How do you open or close doors with a transponder?

    All doors have a cylinder button at minimum one side to operate the lock of the door. To open or close you press the transponder for a few seconds. Next you can turn the cylinder button with your hand.

    There are two types of locks for a transponder. The Comfort Cylinder (rooms and offices) have an electronic cylinder button on both sides. The Free Turn Cylinder (classrooms or shared doors) only have them on the outside.

    How do you (re)charge your transponder?

    Depending on the type you have to charge your transponder on a daily or weekly basis at a charging point. You find them at the main entrances of buildings.

    • Aim your transponder tot the charging point at a distance of 15 cm.
    • Continue until the green light flashes and you hear a sound
    • A white/yellow light confirms a change in access rights, a green light the completion of the charging process.

    How does the badge system work?

    The staff and campus cards serve the new on- and offline access control system.

    highway code and parking regulations

    The highway code also applies to our campuses, also for parking. From 1 July 2019 new parking regulations take effect.

    Responsible driving and parking

    All road users on our campuses have to obey the official traffic codes. What is obliged or not allowed on public roads, also applies to our campus roads. Signs and road marks mean the same inside or outside our campuses. Respect a maximum pace of 30km per hour.

    In addition to the highway code, a specific set of parking regulations takes effect from 1 July 2019.

    Some points of attention in the regulations

    • As a user of our road and parking infrastructure you formally accept the fact that the official highway code and parking regulations are binding on our campuses.
    • You can only park on marked parking spots.
    • You acknowledge all types of incorrect parking listed in the regulations.
    • Cars parked wrongly in a hampering way, will get towed away.
    • Anyone who parks wrongly without hampering others, will get a warning. At a second infringement your car will get towed away.
    • Cars can only park subsequently for 1 month maximum.
    • Access badges have to be used as stipulated in the regulations.
    • Bikes can only park subsequently for 3 months maximum. Bikes exceeding this limit, will be regarded as 'orphan' bikes and kept for 3 months. Afterwards, they will be recycled.

    Bike facilities

    VUB supports bikers, on all campuses

    Cycling at VUB

    Parkings Etterbeek

    Car parks under all buildings except L // Bike sheds in buildings B/C, K, GF en M.

    Campus plan Etterbeek

    Parkings Jette

    Car parks at UZ Brussels, in front of building A and building K // Bike sheds in buildings B and K

    Campus plan Jette

    New access and parking regulations

    A visit to our campuses is subject to some rules and agreements. From 1 July 2019 new access and parking regulations will take effect.

    Parking regulations

    Applies to both Brussels Sciences, Humanities & Engineering Campus and Brussels Health Campus

    Download PDF

    Classroom regulations

    Applies to Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus. Only in Dutch

    Download PDF

    Why new parking regulations?

    Wrong parking has been a nuisance to our campuses for a long time. A line of cars on the pavement is a daily reality. Charging spaces for electrical cars are occupied, sometimes even parking spots for the disabled. Emergency services are hampered in their interventions. Pedestrian or bikers face an obstacle race. 

    Strangely enough, a lot of parking lots do have available spots at the same time.

    A set of clear rules and active monitoring should put an end to these problems. Therefore new parking regulations take effect from 1 July 2019 on both Brussels Humanities, Sciences and Engineering Campus and Brussels Health Campus.

    We want to inform users of our campuses about the correct parking possibilities. We want to guide visitors to the available spots. We especially want to end the security issues, emerging from wrong parking behaviour.

    In a growing university we have to manage space in a sensible way. Only in this way we can keep our campuses pleasant for everybody.

    Finding your way on campus

    Next to online maps you can also find billboards, totems and signposts on campus. You can apply for signage, and make suggestions to improve our campus.

    Where can you find campus maps?

    In the main menu of this website, in the 'about' section, you can find accessibility and a download map per campus. On campus you find signage at entrances of buildings and on important nodes. You can ask for a map at VUB Student Information, or the reception desk.

    Which signage is available at VUB?

    • Outdoor signage:
      • analog: maps and floor plans
      • Digital: totems
    • Indoor signage
      • analog: only in rotules and elevator
      • digital: video screens
    • Temporary signage for events or happenings
      • Sandwich billboards, posters, …

    How can you apply for signage?

    Signage is a specific task of facility services.

    Design is executed by a collaborator of our Audiovisual Services. Printing and realisations can be done by our internal printing service or by an external company.

    Please apply for “Signage” at Infradesk:

    • signage for events
      • requests or complaints about signage outside or inside.
    • an offer for a digital screen in your corridor or building
      • Public spaces: screen + player by AV Services, licenses paid by applicant
      • Private spaces: screen + player + license by applicant, configuration of player, platform, users and instruction sessions by AV Services

    Do you want to publish an event or message on the video screens on campus, please contact MarCom.