Quality of Education at the VUB

Here at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, we set great store by the quality of our education, which is why we are continuously working on further development and improvement of that quality.  In the first instance, this is especially taken up by our teaching staff, the lecturers and assistants, in the course councils. They consult with the students, alumni, representatives from the professional fields, external peers and experts.

We'd like to explain in more detail how we work on quality development and tell you more about the results of the assessments of the quality of our education.

Quality Cycle

The VUB's quality assurance system is structured as a cycle, in which the separate components of the system are interrelated. A detailed description of our quality assurance system can be found in our Quality Manual (Kwaliteitshandboek, available in Dutch). This guide contains not only a summary of the quality assurance instruments and processes, but also a description of the principles, responsibilities and interested parties. The Quality Manual also contains chapters on the support offered by Education and Student Affairs and the policy and guidelines about a number of education themes.

Transparency in Quality of Education

We are proud of the quality of the education we offer and eager to share that. At the same time we acknowledge the need to spend additional efforts on some aspects to improve the quality of our education.

  • This page offers a great deal of information about the quality of the education:
  • Under the heading 'quality study programmes', you will find reports (in the language of instruction) for each study programme or cluster of study programmes, giving a brief description of learning outcomes and profiling, the curriculum, evaluation policy, student satisfaction, quality of teaching, facilities and study guidance, inflow, academic performance, outflow, alumni and relation to professional field, internationalisation of the curriculum, communication with the students and the functioning of the course council.
  • The section on 'studentfeedback' shows the results, covering the whole university, of the survey on the quality of our education which students complete.
  • Under the heading 'alumni questionnaire', you will find the results, covering the whole university, of the four-yearly alumni questionnaire.
  • The section on 'institutional review' shows the results of the institutional review, which assesses the education policy and direction with which the university safeguards the quality of its study programmes.

With this page, we meet the statutory provisions which require that the quality of a study programme be characterised by eight marks of quality and that the mark of quality which provides information about the quality of the study programme should be publicly accessible (Codex Hoger Onderwijs, art. II.170/1).



Quality of Study Programmes

The quality of each of the VUB study programmes is closely monitored. We use a variety of quality assurance instruments to do that and involve both internal and external interested parties, as described in the Kwaliteitshandboek Onderwijs (Education Quality Guide). Based on the results achieved from the various quality assurance instruments, the course councils work continuously on improving the quality of education.

The quality of the study programmes is also assessed in overarching processes. In those interrelated processes, we look at the quality cycle, quantitative and qualitative data on the study programme, the results of all quality assurance instruments and how they are followed up.. This is carried out by means of a quality review organised by the VUB in the context of its quality assurance system or by means of a review by an external review or accreditation body. In both cases, the result is a public report, which can be found here, categorised by study programme or cluster of study programmes.

Below, you will find reports of quality assessments or reviews which took place since academic year 2015-2016. The reports are added as soon as they become available. Older review reports can be accessed through www.vluhr.be/rapporten (from 2012) and www.vlir.be/visitatierapporten (pre-2012). For reports pertaining to inter-university study programmes, coordinated by a partner institute, we refer you to the website of that partner institute. Click here for more detailed explanations of the specific terminology used in the reports.

The following list concerns information on the quality of our English programmes. For more information on Dutch programmes, click here.


For more information on quality of education at VUB, please contact us via kwaliteitszorg@vub.ac.be