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On the one hand, the surge in far-right support may serve to invigorate anti-racist activists, fostering greater efforts and mobilization. A broader public understanding of the necessity for collective action becomes evident in times marked by explicit, overt, and severe manifestations of racism. Conversely, there exists the possibility that these times could witness a stagnation or even regression in anti-racist policies, creating an environment where activism might incite vehement backlash and pose potential dangers.

What implications would far-right’s electoral gains have on the European Union’s institutions and policies with regards to anti-racism? How can/do civil society actors mobilize and navigate around these issues? Can further nativist contagious effects on mainstream parties be avoided, or even reversed? What are the strategies for mobilization? What lessons can be learned from previous far-right electoral gains on the national and European level? What were challenges and possibilities?

In this panel discussion, researchers delve into the insights gleaned from previous instances of radical-right electoral successes and their repercussions on anti-racist policies and mobilization. Engaging with a panel of experts specializing in EU anti-racism policies and civil society, the conversation extends to contemplate the post-election landscape. The focus shifts to the potential trajectories of anti-racism within the EU and at the Member State level, exploring the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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