Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 up to and including Saturday, 20 April, 2024 - 09:00 until 18:00


Making Brussels the cultural capital of Europe by 2030: that is what the VUB together with numerous partners wants to help build. We want Brussels to become a capital for all Europeans: a laboratory for intercultural and multilingual coexistence, but also for the ecological, democratic, social and decolonial revolutions that await us. We want to transform Brussels, with artists, thinkers and culture. We start locally with a future vision for Molenbeek, which will crystallise to the whole Brussels region.

Together we make the capital of the future

The Spring Assembly is the final straight in the preparations for the candidacy. We want to submit a rock-solid dossier that no one can ignore. This is only possible if everyone with a heart for Brussels participates, inspires each other and together makes the city of the future

Are you also a city builder? Do you want to contribute to a more democratic, green, inclusive and caring Brussels, with culture at its heart? Would you like to contribute to our story? Would you like to share your experiences and/or ambitions?

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Molenbeek for Brussels 2030 works with partners VUB, ULB, Brussels Studies Institute, Brussels Academy, RAB/BKO, civil society, arts, culture, science and the variety of actors shaping Brussels.

Beeld van toespraak Molenbeek for Brussels 2030

Festive kick-off | 17 April | 15h - 19h

Why do we want Molenbeek to be the European Capital of Culture in 2030?

The application deadline is fast approaching: on September second, we will submit our candidacy to become the European Capital of Culture in 2030 to the European jury. It is now time for an update on our progress! The co-mission holders Fatima Zibouh and Jan Goossens, along with the entire Molenbeek for Brussels team, will share the ambitions about the candidacy, outline the four key themes, and share the vision for Molenbeek with all its richness and challenges. All this will take place at Karreveld Castle in Molenbeek on Wednesday 17 April from 3pm to 5pm, followed by an aperitif and a time of gathering until 7pm.

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Beeld van verkiezingsdebat Molenbeek for Brussels

Electoral debate | 18 April | 20h - 22h

2030 on the horizon for culture in Brussels

With 2030 on the horizon, the upcoming elections will set the course for the coming years. Therefore, we invite all political parties to share their vision on arts and culture policy with us.

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Beeld uit workshop rond 'Heritage Conversations'

Heritage conversations | 19 april | 12h - 13h

Suppose Brussels were 1,000 people. What would this city's human archive - based on the stories of its inhabitants - look like in the 2020s?  The first 200 contributions from Brussels residents have been collected by a very diverse team of "heritage brokers" and made accessible in the project's "human archive". Now it is time to put them to work.

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Beeld uit workshop rond bouwen aan de bruggen, mensen kijken in de verte.

Building the bridges | 19 April | 14h- 17h

Picture yourself gathered in a space where your voices, ideas, and experiences take center stage. Join us for a vibrant exchange of ideas on the pivotal themes shaping Molenbeek for Brussels’ future: Social Justice and Equality, Superdiversity and Multilingualism, the Blend of Nature and Urban Life, and the balance between Security and Freedom.

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Mensen die discussiΓ«ren aan tafel

Sharing visions for Molenbeek and Brussels region in 2030 | 20 april | 12h - 14h

What does this cultural project mean for the residents of Molenbeek?  What questions and challenges does it raise? How can it help favouring exchanges between Molenbeek and other municipalities in the Brussels region? This workshop will involve exploring the project and sharing expectations and experiences behind Molenbeek’s bid as the European Capital of Culture.

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This initiative is part of the public programme of VUB: a programme for everyone who believes that scientific knowledge sharing, critical thinking and dialogue are an important first step to create impact in the world. 

As an Urban Engaged University, VUB aims to be a driver of change in the world. With our academic edcuational programmes and innovative research, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and to making a difference locally and globally.

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