Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 - 16:00 until 18:00

Avenue Van Volxem


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In this panel discussion, researchers and policy practitioners specializing in EU anti-racism policies and civil society discuss challenges and possibilities linked to the following topics:

  • The shrinking space of anti-racism on the Member State and EU level
  • The assessment of the 2020-2025 EU anti-racism action plan
  • The future of anti-racist policies in the EU in the post-election landscape

This panel conversation is co-organized by ENAR, the European Network against Racism. 

Folashade Ajayi (VUB - BIRMM) and Nozizwe Dube (Maastricht University) will present insights from research. 

MEP Dr. Pierette Herzberger-Fofana, Loubna Reguig from #DiasporaVote, Nourhene Mahmoudi from ENAR and Selina Adedeji Mortoni, EP elections candidate for Ecolo, will take part in the panel conversation. Ilke Adam will moderate the discussion. 

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Quote Ilke adam

Interview with moderator prof. Ilke Adam

β€œIn a world of nation states, borders and passports, the idea of completely open borders is a fiction. They won’t just disappear tomorrow. More open borders actually allow for greater migration control than fewer. Closed borders don’t reduce migration; they lead to more illegal migration, more dangerous routes and human smuggling. If we open the borders more for legal migration, we can plan and control who comes in more effectively, not less. People then have no need to vanish under the radar.” 

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