The Living Campus Walk is an exploration of the fauna and flora that grows and flourishes on our campus. On our campus, we found quite a few particular species that happened to find a place or were planted here. We are happy to let you discover these living spots.

You will also learn how the VUB wants to keep our city and our planet liveable for both people and nature. How do we limit climate change? How do we prepare for a future in a more extreme climate, with heat, drought or intense rainfall?

The renovation of our buildings and their surroundings is in full swing and from the design stage onwards, we are looking for ways to make this as sustainable as possible, to suit everyone: every human being but also the other species that find a place here.

It is also a living walk, the campus changes, species are discovered and climate projects are shooting up like mushrooms (just like the mushrooms themselves by the way...) Information will come and go, so keep discovering, enjoying and taking care of this unique  spot.

On the 'Living spots' you will find a QR code, open it and you will get access to more information. You will find an overview map online, but you can just as well discover a spot now and then, they can be visited separately. 


The GreenTeamVUB compiled the Living Campus Walk on the basis of interviews, archive material... We also consulted researchers at the VUB. Thanks to the many people from the VUB who helped make this walk possible: the researchers and students of the Biology and Hydrology departments, the Infrastructure department, the Marcom service, the CAVA University Archives at the VUB, the Expertise Centre for Scientific Communication in Brussels, the core group sustainability...

Should you, despite all the proofreading, discover any incompleteness and/or errors, please do not hesitate to report this via greenteam@vub.be. We will correct the mistake as soon as possible. 

The Living Campus Walk has been realized with the support of the Flemish Government.



Spot the living spots

The walk is not a logical a=>z walk, but a voyage of discovery. On an information socket you'll find a QR code, which will tell you more about that 'Living spot'. You can use this overview, but you can also discover a spot once in a while. Lost: check the overview map.


Other things to do on campus

The Humanist Sculpture Park is a unique open-air museum with a permanent and temporary art collection. The works of art symbolise the values and philosophy of the VUB or question them. They artistically express the principle of Free enquiry and a liberal attitude to life.  You can find out more about the works of art by scanning the QR code.


Discover the catering establishments on the campus: Barpilar, Opinio (between buildings D and E) and 't Complex (building L).