The EUTOPIA Alliance, an innovative partnership of leading European universities of which the Free University of Brussels (VUB) is a founding member, welcomes Arizona State University (ASU) and Universidad de los Andes (UNIANDES) as new global partners. This expansion underscores EUTOPIA's mission to develop an innovative model of cooperation in education, research, innovation and service to society. The addition of these two universities embodies the alliance's ambition to increase its influence and cooperation opportunities worldwide.

ASU champions educational innovation and has a significant impact on the community through research and development. The university received a great deal of recognition as the most innovative educational institution in the United States and is even ahead of institutions such as MIT and Stanford. It has always been committed to creating an inclusive and accessible learning environment. ASU has also made significant contributions in the areas of sustainability, technology, and health, and strives to find solutions to complex world problems.

UNIANDES, located in Colombia, is known for its academic excellence and innovation in higher education. As Colombia's first non-religious and independent university, UNIANDES has a strong focus on pluralism, tolerance and respect for ideas. The university is committed to critical and ethical education, with an emphasis on social and civic responsibility.

The collaboration of ASU and UNIANDES with EUTOPIA represents an important breakthrough toward a more integrated and global academic community. These partnerships bring EUTOPIA one step closer to its goals of interdisciplinary collaboration and international exchange, providing new opportunities for students, academics and researchers to work together on projects aimed at addressing global challenges.