Teaching at VUB is constantly evolving. Social change, technical developments, new insights: they constantly call for innovation. Two such innovations are an incubator for student entrepreneurs and flexible lecture halls. You can find more information about the new ideas VUB is putting into practice in its teaching in Facts & Figures 2021-2022.

StartLAB.Brussels is the joint incubator for entrepreneurial students at VUB and ULB. StartLAB helps students create their start-up, supporting aspiring entrepreneurs from the idea for a company to its launch. The programme is designed by entrepreneurs and intended for people from all backgrounds. All aspects are covered: drawing up a business plan, doing a reality check, calculating finances, market knowledge, the impact a business has on society and more. All these services are free, including coaching, networking and access to their co-working space.

Flexible classrooms

Covid revolutionised teaching. Distance learning has become the most normal thing in the world and new technology allows for customised teaching. It also translates into flexible classrooms. For instance, there are now lecture halls with flexi-chairs that allow the teacher to easily rearrange the classroom. Working groups? Put the seats together in groups. A lecture? Arrange the seats in a traditional semi-circle. It can be done in no time with the new materials bought by VUB.

In addition, the VUB has a recording room where teachers can make their own recordings without the need for technical assistance. There are also classrooms where students can easily collaborate, as they can very easily share their presentations on laptops via large screens on the wall. Finally, there are also classrooms for mixed teaching. Students who cannot attend can then follow the lecture via cameras and their fellow students can see them on the screens. Very important, because actually being there live is still the best learning method.