Since 2018, the two Brussels universities have been joining forces with the LGBTQI+ community to stand up for freedom and sexual diversity together.

In keeping with their tradition of openness and defence of freedoms, ULB and VUB never stop supporting and engaging with the LGBTQI+ communities in various ways. On 21 May, the partner universities will once again march together behind the rainbow flag through the streets of Brussels as they call for a better, more open-minded and respectful society during the annual Belgian Pride parade.

During this edition of Pride, the watchword is β€œopen”, for a more open world, an open mind and β€œopening up” to assert your rights. These are all actions that are part of the humanist project championed by ULB and VUB.

United under the coloured flags, which have been hanging from the flagpoles on their campuses for several days, the universities will also take part in various activities during this week of celebration.

Annemie Schaus, rector of ULB: β€œHuman rights are threatened everywhere, and attacks on people’s dignity are happening everywhere. Our university, in line with its past commitments, will stand alongside the participants of Belgian Pride to vigorously defend the respect and inclusion of LGBTQI+ people. Everyone, without exception, is entitled to the benefit of equality!”

VUB rector ad interim Jan Danckaert: β€œPride is the joyous celebration of inclusion and acceptance. By participating in Belgian Pride, VUB wants to embrace all forms of diversity and make a statement against homophobia and transphobia, discrimination and exclusion. Every human being is unique and deserves equal respect, regardless of origin, gender or sexual orientation.”

On 21 May, the two university communities will march together in the parade that departs from the centre of Brussels. A pre-Pride event is also being organised by the ULB LGBTQIA+ Circle, FIDAE and SPECTRUM VUB GSA, featuring workshops on signs and sequins, speeches and other activities.