The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) will be spoiling teachers with a special gift on Teachers’ Day, 5 October. The action is in recognition of the profession’s efforts, as the university stresses the importance of education in our society as a way of shaping the future. A total of 262 schools have registered to receive a gift.

Every day, teachers provide their students with the knowledge that allows them to develop their talents and realise their dreams. In their classrooms, they mould the next generations into the leaders of tomorrow who will have to find solutions to societal challenges. As architects of the future, they do a job that makes a real difference in the world.

VUB recognises and values the crucial role that education plays in our knowledge society. To reinforce this message, the university is carrying out a symbolic action. 

“The significance of the action is that teachers give their students wings to fulfil their role in the world,” explains vice-rector for Education and Student Policy Nadine Engels. “All those teachers who encourage pupils to spread their wings and explore, who give them the confidence to succeed, who take pride in the fact that their students don’t shy away from challenges on their learning path ... they all contribute to these wings. That’s why we’re hanging wings in schools – which students can be photographed in front of – and teachers will receive a feather and a notebook with that feather on it.”

A total of 262 schools are participating in the action.

“Education is not only the key to individual opportunity; it also makes an indispensable contribution to society,” says Engels. “Our teachers at VUB and in schools everywhere are the true heroes, who shape our society by inspiring the hearts and minds of the next generations. We honour them today and every day, because they are the force behind our future.”