Dr Laura Molinari, affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Solvay Business School, has won the RESA Centenary Prize for her PhD research โ€œEssays on infrastructure asset managementโ€. The award is given in the framework of the Joseph Merlot โ€“ Joseph Leclercq Prize, an initiative by the Belgian section of the International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC).

Dr Molinariโ€™s research was carried out as a joint doctorate at the VUB and the Universitรฉ libre de Bruxelles (ULB) for the Infrastructure Asset Management & Lifecycle Planning chair, led by Prof Elvira Haezendonck and Prof Vincent Mabillard. It was sponsored by organisations such as Antea Group, Arcadis, Sweco and Tractebel, which are all members of ORI, the sector organisation of consultancy and engineering firms in Belgium.

The prize was awarded by RESA and CIRIEC because of the relevance of Dr Molinariโ€™s research and conclusions for all businesses that manage infrastructure. Her research offers these organisations valuable insights at a time of growing uncertainty and major investment decisions, including the challenges of the energy transition.

Specifically, her work focuses on developing strategies for infrastructure management, evaluating infrastructure investments and improving the performance of infrastructure projects. Her findings are directly applicable for both public and private organisations, enhancing the value of her work.

Dr Molinari is pleased with the award: โ€œThis recognition is a great honour and confirms the relevance of our work on infrastructure management. It motivates me all the more to continue my work.โ€

The success of her research is also recognition for the Strategy research unit, led by Prof Haezendonck, which explores strategic issues around infrastructure projects, circular transition and cluster competitiveness.

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