Choose your route

Looking for the fastest, safest or easiest cycling route in Brussels? Be sure to check the Brussels route planner! To commute easily from Flanders, you can use the cycle highways.

The Brussels cycling map gives an overview of cycling routes, low-traffic zones and the Green Walk, a beautiful route for pedestrians and cyclists of 63 km within the region that crosses various parks and nature reserves. These maps are available at our campuses via

Parking your bike

On the campuses, there are publicly accessible bike racks at the entrance of most buildings. Staff and students can park their bikes in closed bike sheds.


Is your bike in need of repair?

There a multiple bike maintenance and repair possibilities on the VUB campuses.

Where to patch your bike tube

If you have a flat tyre, you can borrow a repair kit with patches and glue and a bicycle pump from:

Bike repair stations

There are bike repair stations with tools for minor repairs on the campuses:

  • VUB Health Campus: entrance building A
  • VUB Main Campus: Esplanade (in front of Student Information) and at bike shed building K

Bike Hub Triomflaan

The Bike Hub at VUB Main Campus is operated by Ateliers de la rue Voot.


  • Repair your bike under supervision of a professional bike mechanic. Cost: €15 + material costs
  • Bike rental for a day, month or year
  • Purchase of bike locks, lights...
  • Free engraving of your bicycle


  • Where? Triomflaan 40, 1160 Oudergem (across VUB Main Campus)
  • Opening hours? Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 5.30pm, Friday from 4pm to 8pm (alternative opening hours during holidays)

More information? Visit

Bike repair at VUB Health Campus

The Vélofixer, a bike mechanic with a workshop in a cargo bike, visits the VUB Health Campus in Jette three times a year. You only pay the material cost. If you want to be informed of the visits of the Vélofixer: send an email to mobiliteitscoö

Brussels Bike Services

This map provides an overview bike services in Brussels.

Studenten en fietsers op de esplanade aan het gebouw D op Campus Etterbeek

VUB Bicycle Working Group

The VUB Bicycle Working Group encourages cycling and supports VUB policymakers in making bicycle friendly choices.

If you would like to join the cycling working group or have a question or suggestion, please send an e-mail to

Looking for a bike?

You can easily buy, rent or share a (second-hand) bike in Brussels.

2nd hand bikes

At the GreenTeam's annual VUB Fietsbrocante, you can buy a second-hand bike on the esplanade of the VUB Main Campus.
There are also lots of other opportunities and initiatives to buy second-hand bikes in Brussels.

Rent a bike

At the VUB Bike Hub at Triomflaan 40, next to VUB Main Campus, you can rent a bike for a period of 1 day to 1 year, with a discount on presentation of your student card.

Want to rent a bike for a few months? Then you can also turn to Swapfiets. With Swapfiets, you never have to worry about a broken bike again. For a fixed monthly fee, you get a swap bike and the guarantee that it always works.


Cycling is healthy and the ideal mode of transport for short journeys. You don't even have to have your own bike. There are more and more and different systems of shared bikes and steps in Brussels. An overview: Shared mobility in Brussels. 

If you want to use a bike once in a while in Brussels, the Villo! shared bikes come in handy, you can use them 24/7. Villo! has 360 stations all over Brussels, you pick up a bike at one Villo! station and drop it off at another. As long as you park your bike back at a station within half an hour, it won't cost you a single extra eurocent. So it's as economical as it is convenient!
You can take a day ticket, a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. There are three Villo! points near the VUB Main Campus. On Dikke Beuklaan is the Villo! point UZ Brussel, at the exit of the VUB Health Campus. Here you can take the Villo! to the station in Jette for example.

Blue-bike, the striking blue rental bikes, can be found at 110 NMBS stations in Belgium. Ideal for getting around in Brussels, cycling to the library in Leuven, going out in Ghent or taking a class at an interuniversity course in Antwerp. You pay €12 per year for your membership, plus a fixed rate per session. All info and subscriptions can be found on Blue-bike.


Cycling safely in Brussels

Make sure you are highly visible and have proper equipment.

Staff and students cycling to campus can request a bike kit. This package includes a fluorescent jacket, wraps, the Brussels cycling map and relevant cycling info. Send your details to and receive your bike kit by internal mail.

You want to discover Brussels by bike, but would like advice from a professional? Get personal advice from a coach who knows your regular routes through Bike Experience.

Also be sure to check out this overview regarding safe cycling in the city.


Take measures to prevent bicycle theft:

  • Always secure your bike with a sturdy lock.
  • Have your bike engraved at the VUB Bike Hub.
  • If you have a more expensive bike, consider comprehensive insurance.

See anything suspicious? Call campus security immediately!
Be sure to report to the police if your bike is stolen (e.g. via an online police report).

Fietspakket Greenteam