How much money do I need?

  • Prior to leaving your home country, please check with your bank if your bank card can be used in Belgium, at least until you have a Belgian bank card.
  • Besides the annual VUB tuition fee (general tuition fees) , you should provide around 1000,- EUR a month during your stay at VUB.
  • Please note that upon arrival you will have some extra installation costs and costs for study materials.

Expenses EUR per month or year
Housing (single room on campus/off campus) 350 - 550 month
Food 200 - 250 month
Transportation 12 - 90 year
Health insurance (compulsory) 12 - 100 month
Medical expenses (non refundable) 25 month
Phone/internet 50 month
Other expenses: clothing/leisure/personal hygiene 45 month
Savings (unexpected expenses) 25 month

Note that during the first month of your stay you will have exceptional costs for registration, copies of documents and often a warranty for your accommodation.

  • Costs for temporary accommodation. You will need temporary accommodation while you look for somewhere to live. A cheap hostel close to the university costs +/-15 EUR per day for a single room.
  • The warranty for your accomodation. Every landlord asks the tenant for a warranty, which can go as high as 3 months’ rent. When you vacate the accommodation in good condition, the warranty will be paid back to you.
  • Electricity, water and/or other utilities are not always included in the rent (check your rental contract). The costs depend on consumption. 
Expenses EUR per month/year
Airport-city transfer (bus/train/taxi) 7 - 60 /
Temporary accommodation 200 1 week
Accommodation warranty 1000 /
Fire/third liability insurance 200 year
Tuition fee (general) 970 - 3850 year
Educational materials 200 /
Equipment (furniture/kitchenware/computer) 300 /

Please note that the Vrije Universiteit Brussel will decline any claim for financial support in any form.