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Information for and integration of new students 


Our basic purpose is to inform new students about what's going on in their new environment and to help them to participate in the VUB Campus Life.

A lot of information is provided by e-mail and in the English newsletter.

We also organise information-activities about a wide variety of subjects and distribute practical information guides. Students can contact us with questions or suggestions.

Our office is located in Pleinlaan 5, at 1050 Brussels. Opening hours: from 9h00 till 12h30 and from 13h30 till 16h30 (closed on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons).

... and Integration

The basic purpose is to help foreign students find their place in their new environment. Integration gets a special meaning in the case of students of different cultures that in general come to Belgium for a period limited in time. It is certainly not our objective to assimilate the foreign students to Belgian culture and society, although minor adaptations in lifestyle may be necessary to avoid problems and conflicts.

Integration also involves making the VUB-community receptive to the foreign students. It is clear that information also plays a major role here. One of the main objectives is that foreign students participate in campus-life (and are given the chance to do so), and become an integral part of the VUB-community.

Newly arriving students are welcomed and introduced to the various services offered by the university. We also organise the yearly "Welcome-day" for new foreign VUB-students.

We serve as the secretariat from the International students and wish to support the international students through an ‘International Student Council’. Any suggestions for activities? Contact us!

Assistance and support

General information about and assistance in dealing with every possible subject can be obtained from our department. This includes information about:

  • health insurance
  • residence permits
  • immigration regulations
  • any kind of problem encountered in everyday life (how to deal with banks, electricity and water companies, telephone company, taxes, etc.)

Financial matters should be settled before departure since the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship, a work permit and the availability of jobs in Belgium are virtually non existent. Much to our regret, the university is in no position to provide solutions to financial problems.

Since students' acceptance to the university is conditional on their having sufficient financial means to cover their living and study expenses, students cannot claim any material or financial assistance.
In a few exceptional cases the social board can decide to grant students :

  • A special reduction on meals in the university restaurant for scholarship students.
  • A tiding-over loan advanced against a grant or wages
  • Limited financial support in unexpected emergency situations.