Admissions 20-21 are now open!

The admissions for the academic year 20-21 are now open!

We advise you to apply as soon as possible. Applications are processed in the order they are submitted.

How to submit an application at the VUB?

This page will guide you through our application procedure. We will discuss the different stages chronologically: 

  1. You should first of all submit an online application. Consult our available programmes here.
  2. We will check whether or not we have all the required documents. Please make sure you have uploaded all the required documents.
  3. The central Admissions Office will screen your application and coordinate with the relevant departments within the VUB to academically approve your application.
  4. The final step is a formal screening of your application after which you will know the final result.

Please be advised that the entire process can take up to 10 weeks. You should submit your application before the deadline.

You will be notified of the final result of your application via email. Please note we only issue a conditional letter of acceptance.

Step 1: Apply online

Fill in your personal information and upload your documents.

Apply online

Step 2: File complete?

The Admissions Office will check if all the documents are uploaded.

Check progress

Step 3: Academic screening

The faculty will check if you are academically eligible for your chosen programme.

Step 4: Formal screening

A final screening by the Admissions Office. You may be asked to send hard copies of your documents.

Tips and tricks

  • Submit your application well before the deadline. The earlier you submit it, the earlier we can provide you with the result!
  • If nothing happens when you click "new account", open the application website again in a private window.
  • Please upload all the required documents in your application. Can't upload them all? Send them via email.
  • When asked to pay an application fee, please note we cannot process your application until the payment has been deposited into our account.
  • If you are accepted we will send a Conditional Letter of Acceptance via (regular) post and email. You can use the soft copy to start your visa application, while the hard copy will be required by the embassy to issue the visa. Please make sure your address is correct to avoid any delays.
  • Students who apply for a PhD are exempted from the application fee and deadlines. There is a different application procedure if you have obtained a masters degree in Flanders.

Need a manual to submit your application? Find them here!


Programmes taught in English

Please find an overview of our English-taught programmes below. Dutch-taught programmes are not included in this overview.

International students may also apply for a Dutch programme. Please take into account that you will need to prove your Dutch proficiency before being accepted. You will find the requirements on this page.

General deadlines

There are two separate deadlines to submit a complete application depending on your whether or not you require a visa to enter Belgium:

  • Before the 1st of April: for non-EEA citizens.
  • Before the 1st of September: for EEA citizens / non-EEA citizens living in Belgium with a valid residence permit.

Please note that your application should contain all the required documents by the relevant deadlines above.

See the tiles below for exceptions to these general deadlines.


Non-EEA nationals: March 15th EEA nationals: September 1st



Deadline September 1st Brussels Diplomatic Academy: June 1st (classes start September 1st)



No deadline, students may apply throughout the academic year.


Application fee

Students with a non-Flemish diploma should pay an application fee of 50 EURO. We will process your application as soon as the fee has been deposited into our account.

You will receive an email with payment instructions. Please read them carefully and use the correct payment reference!

If you are accepted and enrol, the application you paid for that specific programme will be deducted from your tuition fees.

For example: if you submit four applications, you should pay a total of four individual application fees: 200 EURO. Once you are enrolled in that programme, only 50 EURO will be deducted from your tuition fees. 

Bachelor programmes

EEA nationals:

  • passport
  • picture
  • high school diploma (or enrolment certificate when you are in your final year) *
  • transcripts of records *
  • proof of language proficiency

non-EEA nationals

Chinese nationals:

  • all documents as stated above +
  • APS-certificate (look below for further information)

(Advanced) Master programmes

General required documents:

  • passport
  • picture
  • bachelor degree (or enrolment certificate when you are in your final year) *
  • transcript of records *
  • proof of language proficiency

Extra documents per program you apply for (=special requirements)

  • all documents as stated above +
  • motivation letter
    • is an important document for the faculty when they screen your file
    • we advise a motivation letter of 1 page in length
    • you may use the template but it is not obligatory
  • 2 reference letters
    • not required for Master of management, international business and communication studies
    • if you apply for a science program (Biology, Geography, etc) this must be written by an academic
    • you may use the template but it is not obligatory

Chinese nationals:

  • all documents as stated above +
  • APS certificate

Students with a Chinese diploma need to obtain the APS certificate, when applying at a Flemish higher education institution. An APS certificate is a condition for obtaining a student visa at the Belgian Embassy or Consulates General in PR China.

APS procedure

In order to start up the procedure, students need to contact the APS administration in Beijing (info@aps.org.cn) .

The screening consists of 2 phases:

  1. Authenticity screening of documents (diplomas, certificates, exam results,..). Either the student’s home institution will be contacted, or databases of graduates issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education will be consulted.
  2. Academic interview (in Beijing or by a travelling jury): testing the language knowledge and defining the student’s level.

The APS-certificate is not requested during the application process, but will be required when you apply for a student visa and/or enrol. Please note that our office does not offer assitance with the APS-procedure. Scholarship holders should contact International Relations Office for further assistance


Please read the PhD website carefully before you apply online.

Students who obtained their diploma outside of Flanders will need the following documents:

  • Passport photo
  • Identity card or passport
  • Research topic and Research proposal
  • Document 'Application form Registration PhD' (without this document, your application is invalid)
  • CV
  • Diploma + transcripts *
  • Motivation letter (if you have a non-Belgian degree)
  • 2 recommendation letters (if you have a non-Belgian degree)
  • If you are applying in the framework of a joint PhD, please mention this in the uploaded documents.

If you obtained your diploma in Flanders after 2004 you will need:


EEA nationals: Nationals of the European Economic Area
non-EEA nationals: Nationals of countries not listed in the European Economic Area

* A certified translation is necessary as well, if your documents are not drafted in English, Dutch, French or German.

Language requirements

  • All prospective students need to provide a proof of sufficient knowledge of English (or Dutch if applying for a Dutch programme) by meeting one of the criteria as stipulated in our Teaching- and Exam regulation (! these are general guidelines, some programmes may request a higher level. PhD applicants are exempted)
  • This proof can be provided by presenting a language test (exhaustive list) or a certificate of your home institution that your language of instruction (download attestation to be completed by your home institution) is/was English (or Dutch when applying for a Dutch taught programme).
  • Language tests can not be older than 5 years.
  • Please note that a higher level may be requested based on the programme you apply for. Some economic programmes request a higher level in English. Consult the programme pages for more information.

Please note that the language requirements need to be met before you can enrol at our university.

Should you wish to apply while still in the process of obtaining your test result or certificate your application can proceed no further than step 3.

Students applying for a PhD programme are exempted from the language requirements.

Academic requirements

Bachelor programmes

When you apply for a Bachelor programme you need to have a secondary school credential that grants you access to a Bachelor degree in your home country. Some credentials obtained in the EEA are deemed equivalent to a Flemish degree of secondary education and grant direct access (if you also have a proof of language proficiency) to our Bachelor programmes. You can find the list here:

List of equivalent secondary school certificates.

These are the general requirements. Each programme can have specific requirements when screening your application file.

Master and Advanced Master programmes

When you apply for a master programme you need to have a bachelor degree (or equivalent). Each programme has its own specific requirements. After you submit your application, we will verify your degree and transcripts in order to determine whether you are eligible for the programme of your choice. You can consult the respective programme pages for particular pre-requirements.

These are the general requirements. Each programme can have specific requirements when screening your application file.

Tuition fees

All Flemish universities in Belgium, including the VUB, are financed by the Flemish government, which results in relatively low tuition fees for students from the European Economic Area (EEA). Tuition fees, however, vary between programmes and are considerably higher for non-EEA students.

Tuition fees


Please note that you can't apply for a scholarship via our online application tool. Follow the instruction on the scholarship website in order to apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship possibilities

Admission office

The admission office is in charge of your application file. We will screen your file and check if it is complete. We will send your application to the faculty for an academic evaluation and issue a letter of acceptance if you are accepted.

Do you wish to contact us or do you have any questions about our application process? Use our contact form below!

Contact form

You will find certain questions have been answered already to help you on your way.

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Student Information hub

Do you have questions about studying at VUB, available courses, living in Brussels, etc.? Please contact our Student Information hub via info@vub.ac.be or have a look at our student portal.