After graduation

As a communication studies graduate you'll acquire the necessary multidisciplinarity and flexibility to perfectly function in a changing and demanding job market. You can opt for all kinds of career paths at media companies or in the innovation and strategy departments of diverse industrial sectors.

Career opportunities

Potential positions include communication officers and policy advisors in national, European and international institutions and NGOs; marketing managers and social media strategists; lobbying and advocacy; academic researchers, independent entrepreneurs in the media and communication sector, and, of course, journalists and press officers.

Job opportunities at VUB

You can build an exciting and meaningful career as a communication scientist or a specialist in digital media here at your alma mater. As a large organisation, we look for very diverse profiles.

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Alumni testimonials

Nadya Nandita, Master Communication Studies

Nadya Nandita

“I completed the Digital Media in Europe programme in 2020, and studying at VUB was the best decision I ever made. This programme allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the European media, policies, and challenges. I took the traineeship opportunity, which also gave me the experience of working abroad. Studying at VUB, I was surrounded by people from all over the world. You will get numerous opportunities to broaden your network by joining extracurricular activities or becoming a member of the organisation both inside and outside the university. Overall, It felt like my second home!”

Jaakko Karhu

"Stay open for the introduced perspectives and absorb the knowledge, and I can guarantee your thinking will change. At the same time, do not forget one of the most important assets that will stick with you after you graduate: an international network. Get to know your peers. Being a student that's a bit older and having work experience in two different fields, technology and communications, I found that the Digital Media in Europe programme bound my knowledge together perfectly, complementing it with a deep understanding of society and policy-making. As a result, my professional background got solidified, and I gained a new direction and vision for my career. I can only thank the professors of the programme for their contagious enthusiasm and world-class teaching for inspiring me to stay curious and helping me to get to this fascinating point in my life.”

Jaako Karhu, Master Communication Studies
Giordano Zambelli, Master Communication Studies

Giordano Zambelli

"Applying and completing this Master's programme was an extremely valuable opportunity for me. First of all, coming from academic studies in Philosophy and having work experience in communication, I was able to connect theoretical, operational as well as policy-related aspects of media into a coherent and comprehensive framework. It has been intellectually enriching and professionally strategic. In fact, right after the Master I started a traineeship at the European Commission, which was followed by the opportunity for me to work in academia, on the topic I studied the most during the programme."

Further study

Keen to continue your academic career? Excellent students can apply for a PhD position at VUB! All you need is a promoter, a research subject and sufficient funding. Are you up for the challenge? Or look into our Postgraduates and Microcredentials, short programmes that might meet your interest.

Join our community of former students

Upon graduation from VUB, you become part of a unique network of 75,000 former students (known as alumni) who are ready to build a better future. We exchange as many experiences, ideas and other forms of knowledge as possible to stand stronger together in our jobs, our lives and the world outside.

So, besides strengthening your position in the labour market, a VUB diploma gives you a network you can build on to realise your professional ambitions and make a difference in the world. Do you need more reasons? We list more below for you.

Proclamatie van Recht en Criminologie aan de VUB

... it's worth it!

  • Benefits on and off campus - A BasicFit annual subscription at half the price, student rates in the Resto... : being a former student pays off with a digital alumni pass.
  • Help with job applications - It is sometimes hard for young alumni to find their way on the labour market. We help you get off to a flying start.
  • Networking - Join your faculty or study-programme alumni association and keep up to date with the latest networking events and developments in your field.
  • Career inspiration - Are you looking for a job that matches your passions? Read the career stories and tips of former students and discover the possibilities per diploma.
  • Our continuing education - Society and the labour market are constantly on the move. Our continuing education courses keep your knowledge and skills relevant. For a lifetime.

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