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1. You learn to stand on your own two feet

It's not that you have to dust or mop your room every day, but in dorms you learn to stand on your own two feet. Dealing with freedom and responsibility, cooking your own meals, shopping, having friends over, going out and... studying once in a while, of course. 

2. You don't have to commute every day

If you are staying near your campus, you don't have to commute to Brussels every day. So don't worry about traffic jams or train delays. Moreover, you save a lot of time every day (and you can stay a bit longer in bed in the morning). 


3. Student accommodation in Brussels is surprisingly affordable

Brussels is one of the most expensive cities to live in, but thanks to several housing projects for students, everyone can afford to live in shared accommodation. VUB offers 1,540 student flats. You can stay there from €408,30 per month, all costs included.

4. There is always something going on

Of course, opting for student housing does not mean that you have to stay in your apartment. On the contrary: Brussels is a vibrant metropolis where there is always something to do. Parties, TDs, exhibitions, lectures... You name it, there is something for everyone.

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5. Give your parents a break, too

Do you still have to convince your parents? That should not be a problem. Being a parent also means letting go. While you are off living in the most exciting student city in Belgium, they can enjoy some extra peace and privacy at home. Tell them they deserve it!

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