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Franz Bingen is Emeritus Prof. Dr. Mathematics at the VUB and founder of the English-language Vesalius College. His wife Andrée Bingen was a biology teacher at the Atheneum Royal of Nivelles. She worked energetically behind the scenes for Vesalius College.

Andrée considered it unfair that students of Vesalius College with financial difficulties were not given equal opportunities. The Andrée and Franz Bingen Fund was established for this reason. The Fund has guaranteed the awarding of prizes and scholarships since the year 2000.

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Prizes and scholarships


Franz Bingen Honours Prize: 500 euros

The Franz Bingen Honours Prize worth 500 euros is awarded annually to a senior bachelor student. The student writes an essay that must meet a number of criteria:

  • It earns the degree of (magna) cum laude.
  • It is written in English, without grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • It is presented flawlessly in front of the jury.

Andrée Bingen Senior Scholarship Award: 1,200 euros

The Andrée Bingen Senior Scholarship Award is a scholarship of 1,200 euros. This award goes once a semester to a senior bachelor student, with a GPA (grade point average) higher than 2.8 who is struggling financially. The selection is made in consultation with the Academic Council.

student rechten Diego D'alcantara

The winner of the Senior Scholarship 2023 is Belgian-Spanish student Diego d'Alcantara de Querrieu. He studied the Bachelor of International & European Law at the Vesalius College.

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You can change this by donating to the Andrée and Franz Bingen Fund. Donate online or by bank transfer to the account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of VUB with the reference GIFT FO5Donations from € 40 are tax-deductible.


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