Is that a little abstract? Not at all. The world is mainly made up of people just like you and me. Looking for acceptance, prosperity, reassurance, happiness, a helping hand, equal opportunities. Here, on the very spot you're standing, you can do something for them. 

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The world needs you...

..and your critical voice and fresh perspective on VUB policies. This autumn the Equality Thinktank will organise several online co-creative activities on the topic of (anti)-racism and equality. With a group of committed VUB-ers, you’ll be at the heart of VUB’s future equality action plan. Are you ready to convert your expertise into commitment for the world? Sign up now for the events or register to stay up to date about future activities.

Karen Celis

Prof. Dr. Karen Celis

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Discover the upcoming events here.

12/11: A lecture series by Dalilla Hermans

More info + subscription

19/11: Diversity in the Curriculum

More info + subscription

26/11: VUB Equality Network debate

More info + subscription

30/11: International tribute Fatima Mernissi

More info + subscription

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Do you have a great project as well?

Then the world needs you too!

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