A VUBuddy is there for every new student. 

The VUBuddy project focuses on the social and academic integration of new students. Finding your way, feeling good and getting to know new people are the key  features. 

What is a VUBuddy?

A VUBuddy is an experienced VUB student who introduces new students from the same academic path and brings them into contact with each other. The goal is to create a connected university, where everyone finds his place.  

What does the VUBuddy do? 

  • The VUBuddy offers a listening ear when necessary; 
  • The VUBuddy is the first point of contact for (studying-related) questions; 
  • The VUBuddy points students to the appropriate services; 
  • The VUBuddy shares personal experiences;  
  • The VUBuddy organises (digital) social activities in order to promote interaction in the group; 

What’s in for the VUBuddy?  

  • A monthly workshop to further develop VUBuddy skills (intercultural communication, how to deal with stress, resilience, ...) 
  • Personal development 
  • Autonomy and freedom to organise activities 
  • Recognition and appreciation of fellow students 
  • Sense of belonging within the university 
  • Life-enriching experience 
  • Recognised VUBuddy certificate at the end of the year  

What’s in for the new student? 

  • Becoming familiar with the VUB academic world 
  • Get to know fellow students from your field of studies  
  • Interesting study tips & facts from an experienced student  
  • Being kept informed of interesting events and not-to-be-missed VUB info 
  • Having a trusted person you can ask your questions 
  • Being able to participate in nice activities and feeling connected to your university 


Planning of the year

The VUBuddy project starts during the welcome days in September and continues throughout the academic year. 

  • On 20 September, a short info session is organised after which you can officially sign up as a VUBuddy; 
  • On 21 September, you receive your first training (half day + sandwiches) 
  • During the welcome days, a match is made between the VUBuddy and the group; 
  • Each semester, two activities are organised in which the groups can participate without obligation, with a view to getting to know each other and connecting; 
  • Every month, workshops are organised for the VUBuddies to further develop their social and communicative skills. 

Interested in becoming a VUBuddy?

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VUBuddy needs you!

Join us

Research shows that participating in extra-curricular activities on campus positively influences students' social integration, which in turn has a positive influence on students' perseverance, commitment and academic success (Tinto, 1993).  

To promote the social integration of new students, one social activity per semester is organised in which VUBuddy groups can participate without any obligation.  

In the academic year 2020 - 2021, VUBuddy groups could compete against each other in the VUBuddy BLOCK - DOWN contest. In the second semester, groups could register for a picnic on campus. 


A first physical meeting on campus 

That was the goal of the VUBuddy PIC - NICE. Every afternoon for a fortnight, three picnic spots were set up in Jette and Etterbeek for which VUBuddy groups of maximum 10 could register. What was on the programme? A free lunch, fun and extra surprises in the picnic basket! 

VUBuddy BLOK-DOWN contest

Taking students away from their books, that was the purpose of the VUBuddy BLOK-DOWN contest! The project leaders of VUBuddy know how difficult and exhausting it is for VUB students to follow online lessons for days on end without being able to alternate this with other social activities. 

VUBuddy wanted to offer the VUBuddies something they could participate in with their group, in order to strengthen the group feeling and cohesion. The VUBuddies received one assignment each day related to one of the senses and they had to work on it as a group. A jury kept score every day and eventually three winners emerged. In the end, 25 VUBuddy groups participated with a total of 168 players! 

On this page you can see some of the entries. We hope that VUB'ers can recognise themselves in the emotions and experiences that are put in images/words. Because connection and knowing you are not alone, that is so important in these times!