About VUBuddy

Think back to how you felt on your very first day at VUB. Now add to that face masks, social distancing and even fewer lessons on campus, all in tense and uncertain times. Show your generosity to our students then, and become a VUBuddy!

The VUBuddy project needs you!

You’ll be VUBuddy to a small group of students. You’ll familiarise them with the VUB community. By being available to answer their questions, listen to their concerns and keep them posted about important activities, events and deadlines, you’ll be their new best friend and their rock.

You’ll also facilitate social cohesion within your group. How you do this is up to you! As a buddy, you’ll come up with various ideas, in person where possible, digital where necessary. Think: answering questions, sharing fun VUB facts and lots more.

VUBuddies need you! Are you ready to take new VUBers under your wing? Contact us now via the form below and discover how to get involved.

VUBuddy needs you!

Full for this year

Will you be VUBuddy?

Are you the perfect person to take the new generation of VUB'ers under your wings? Are you eager to work out activities for your group? And aren't you afraid to work out digital alternatives that are completely corona-proof? Then VUBuddy is looking for you! 

Project leader Ella Vermeylen tells you more about the project in the video. 

Your responsibilities

1) Familiarising new students

  • Be available for students’ questions
  • Be sensitive and listen
  • Keep students up to date on important events, administrative deadlines and activities
  • Direct them to the right services on student.vub.be

2) Create social cohesion

  • Facilitate the student group
  • Respond to students’ needs and ideas
  • Organise in-person events where possible/wanted

Your commitment

  • A commitment of approximately 1 hour a week
  • Attend a workshop each month
  • Be available digitally
  • Organise at least one face-to-face contact
  • Record activities in a personal Excel file

What's in it for you?

  • Four interesting workshops
  • Something extra for your CV
  • Freedom to organise activities
  • Certificate if expectations are met
  • Be a pioneer in this heart-warming project
  • Make new friends
  • Sharpen social and communication skills
  • Recognition and appreciation from fellow students
  • An enriching experience