Our Faculty's network extends across different sectors and domains, inside and outside VUB. It consists of our alumni and the Brussels Education Network. Take advantage of this network to build your own professional career.

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Have you graduated from VUB? Then you belong to a unique network of 75,000 former students (also known as alumni) on the threshold of building a better future. Make use of it, because your connections can inspire you and help you shape your own career. We give you 3 tips to strengthen your alumni network.


Our VUB teacher education programme works together with that of Erasmus Brussels University under the name EDU XL. The purpose of this partnership? The professionalisation of teachers and the professionalisation of current and future teacher educators. The Brussels metropolitan context takes central stage in this. 

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STEM Support Centre

For our continuing education courses, we work together with the STEM support centre Brussels. This support centre aims to support teachers and teacher teams in secondary education. They are focusing on Teacher Development Teams in order to arrive at a different didactics for the education of sciences, technology and mathematics. The key words are: interdisciplinarity (which requires cooperation from teachers), relevance (social problems, the environment of young people), integration and inquiry-based and problem-solving learning.

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