Welcome to our Faculty

The Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy (LK) focuses on the themes of sport, exercise, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. 

With our courses, we are shaping the future generation of physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, and sport and exercise scientists. In addition to the bachelor and master programmes in Physical Education & Movement Sciences and Rehabilitation Sciences & Physiotherapy, we also offer specific postgraduate programmes. You can also come to us for extra training in E-sports, Cycling Management, Pelvic re-education and diver training! 

With our research, we are looking for the best way to:

  • provide support for recreational sportsmen and women, athletes, patients, and specific target groups during (pro) sporting achievements
  • help patients rehabilitate after injuries, accidents, operations, or other health problems 
  • prevent health problems through exercise, nutrition, ergonomics, and training programmes
  • increase social inclusion through (organised) sport
  • use robotics and technology to improve the comfort and quality of life of healthy individuals and patients

Welcome to our Faculty, welcome to your future!

Vision and mission

Moving people and society

At the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy (LK), we promote the individual and  societal importance of movement, health, well-being, rehabilitation and sport in all its facets, with an eye for inclusion and talent. 

Our standard and advanced educational programmes are grounded in active and science-based knowledge development, to mould professionals with a critical eye, each with their own expertise. The principles of free research form the basis for this knowledge development. 

We co-create and share knowledge with various partners, sectors and disciplines, and this within Brussels and (far) beyond.  

This is how we realise impact on people and society. 

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