Works Council

The works council is a joint body in which the head of the enterprise informs and consults the staff representatives. In certain circumstances, the works council also has monitoring and decision-making tasks.

Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work

The Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work issues opinions and formulates proposals concerning well-being at work. In doing this, it looks at the well-being of staff in various circumstances, such as health and safety, psychosocial risks, and ergonomics.

Syndicate negotiations

Syndicate negotiations take place between the trade union delegation and the employers' delegation. The trade union delegation is composed by the trade unions, the employer delegation by the board of directors. They negotiate, for example, collective agreements, staff regulations, staff benefits, and so on.

Trade unions

Three trade unions are represented at VUB: ABVV,  VSOA/ACLVB, LBC-NVK.ACV. They defend the interests of our university staff. Jo Coulier, Tim Van de Voorde and Tania Stadsbader are the representatives of ABVV, VSOA/ACLVB and LBC-NVK.ACV respectively in the works council and other administrative bodies of VUB.