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Equal educational opportunities for all students

Developing talents is our strongest quality. But when students go through difficulties, talent, effort and dedication are not enough to obtain a diploma. To guarantee equal education opportunities, rector Caroline Pauwels launches a Relief Fund for students.

The aim of this Relief Fund is to help students in financial, material, social or psychological need. An investment in this newly founded fund pays back and makes our society more resilient and inclusive. We need partners: alumni, enterprises and VUB-sympathizers.


The VUB is a warm community where students, academics, corporate partners and organizations can count on one another. When we take care of everyone, we make sure that no one is disadvantaged.

Which alumni will help students to graduate without constant financial worries? Which enterprises will invest in the leaders and innovators of tomorrow? Who also thinks that talent should never be wasted? Who will contribute to a more resilient and inclusive society?

Contact details

Responsible: VUB Foundation
You can either donate online or via bank transfer: BE51 0013 6779 3562 with gift FO7