PhD alumni beginning with 2004

AKACHAR Soumia (17 April 2018) "Representation in the Eyes of the Beholder? Flemish Muslim youth on (not) feeling politically represented" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Eline Severs and prof. dr. Karen Celis

KIZILKAYA Zafer (30 January 2018) "Hezbollah's Legitimization of its Use of Force" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Bruno Coppieters (VUB) and prof. dr. Carl Ceulemans (Koninklijke Militaire School)

IMAZ ALIAS Oier (28 September 2017) "Deliberative Democracy and Complex Diversity. From Discourse Ethics to the Theory of Argumentation" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Didier Caluwaerts (VUB) and prof. dr. Joseba Andoni Ibarra Unzueta (UPV/EHU)

VERTHÉ Tom (27 June 2017) “The struggle for the driver’s seat. Pre-electoral strategic behaviour of parties and voters in proportional electoral systems: the case of Belgium” - Supervisor: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer

MULLER Allan (23 May 2017) “Measuring Policy Conflict: A decade of disputes over traffic mobility in Flemish Parlaiment (2004-2014)” - Supervisor: prof. dr. Karen Celis

LEUNIS Jelle (2 May 2017) "The Regulatory Governance of Armed Force: Holding Private Military and Security Companies to Account" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Bruno Coppieters

SELIVERSTOVA Oleksandra (28 April 2017) "The Role of Consumer Culture in the Formation of National Identity in the Post-Soviet Region. Evidence from Estonia and Ukraine” - Supervisors: prof. dr. Dimokritos Kavadias (VUB), prof. dr. Raivo Vetik, (Tallinn University) and prof. dr. Airi-Alina Allaste (Tallinn University)

GARBONI Emanuela Simona (29 March 2017), “High Risk, Low Gain: The Romanian Women’s Political Representation” - Supervisors: prof. dr. Karen Celis (VUB) and prof. dr. Silviu Rogobete (West University of Timisoara)

ZAMANI Saleh (27 January 2017) "Why Do Dictators Collapse? An Analysis of the Overthrow of the Shah of Iran and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Dimokritos Kavadias

ALOBWEDE NGOME John (26 January 2017) "Analysing the Role of Energy Security in Promoting Third World Development: The Case of Cameroon’" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer and prof. dr. Amelia Hadfield

MARIJNEN Esther (16 December 2016) "Beyond Rebels and Gorillas: The multi-scalar politics of conservation and conflict in the Virunga National Park, DR Congo" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Patrick Stouthuysen

TIAN Xu (17 October 2016) "Meritocracy as an Alternative to Democracy? An Analysis of Political Confucianism” - Supervisor: prof. dr. Patrick Stouthuysen

GROEN Elisabeth (13 October 2016) "The Importance of Fitting Activities to Context: The EU in Multilateral Climate and Biodiversity Negotiations” - Supervisor: prof. dr. Sebastian Oberthür

SHIPKOVA Reneta (22 June 2016) "What Accounts for the Communication Deficit of the European Union?" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Jamal Shahin and dr. Georgios Terzis

BEYENS Stefanie (19 April 2016) "Tomorrow Never Knows. The survival chances of new political parties in old parliaments" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer (VUB) and prof. dr. Nicole Bolleyer (Exeter University)

BANO Innocent (27 November 2015) "Conflicts in Africa: from Political Uncertainty to Accountability to External Actors. Case Study: the Democratic Republic of Congo" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Dimokritos Kavadias

SALMAN Mohammad (8 September 2015) "Strategic Hedging and Second-tier States: The Case of China’s Strategic Hedging" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

YAMAMOTO Megumi (8 September 2015) "Priority and Continuity: The Drivers of China’s Foreign Policy toward Japan" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts (VUB) and prof. dr. Elena Atanasova (UA and UKent)

EDWARDS Todd (3 September 2015) "The Climate Game Change: Solutions-based Pathways for Unlocking Global Cooperation" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

FREEMAN Duncan Philip (5 June 2015) "Institutions, Investment and Internationalization: The Case of China" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

POZAROWSKA Justyna (12 januari 2015) "Governance Through Institutional Complexes. Towards a Post-Nagoya Institutional Equilibrium in the International Management of Genetic Resources" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Sebastian Oberthür

MACAJ Gjovalin (10 September 2014) "Dysfunctional Endeavour: The Pursuit of EU Unity in the UN Human Rights Council" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

STAHL Anna Katharina (4 April 2014) "Hit Sunt Dracones: Exploring the Uncharted Territory of EU-China-Africa Trilateral Relations" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

RABITZ Florian (5 March 2014) "Power and Institutional Complexity: the Role of the EU and the US in the Global Governance of Genetic Resources" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Sebastian Oberthür

SPYRIDAKIS Ioannis (13 February 2014) "Delegation and Control. A Critical Analysis on Principal-Agent Theory in the Context of EU External Policy Making." - Supervisor: prof. dr. Sebastian Oberthür

WEIL Stefanie (24 January 2014) "The Role of Foreign Interest Groups in China's Political Bargaining Process. An Inquiry into the Strategies of European and American Lobbying Efforts Concerning China's Indigenous Innovation Policies" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer, prof. dr. Andreas Nölke and prof. dr. Irina Tanasescu

ZAHID Farhan (5 December 2013) "Al-Qaeda-Linked Islamist Violent Non-State Actors in Pakistan and their Relationship with Islamist Political Parties" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Herman Matthijs and prof. dr. Marc Cools

DUPONT Claire (16 September 2013) "Climate Policy Integration into EU Energy Policy" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Sebastian Oberthür

PRIMOVA Radostina (27 August 2013) "Assessing Political and Social Accountability in EU Policy-Making. A Case Study on the Multi-Level Coordination of the EU Internal Energy Market Policy" Supervisors: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer and prof. dr. Irina Tanasescu

TANASESCU Mihnea (19 June 2013) “What we Speak About When we Speak for Nature. The Dynamics of Representation and Rights in the New Ecuadorian Constitution” - Supervisors: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer and prof. dr. Patrick Stouthuysen

MOHAMMED HAMZA Karim Mohammed (21 February 2013) "The Impact of Social Media and Network Governance in State Stability in Time of Turbulences. Egypt after the 2011 Revolution" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Jamal Shahin

GOEMAN Hannelore (10 December 2012) "Integrating Integration. The Constitution of a EU Policy Domain on Migrant Integration" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Patrick Stouthuysen

BICHIR Elena-Cristina (12 September 2012) "Access to Energy Resources in the New Global Configuration. A Sociological and Geopolitical Perspective" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Amelia Hadfield (VUB) and prof. dr. Ilie Bãdescu (University of Bucharest)

DE VLIEGER Pieter-Jan (2 July 2012) "Lobbying in the Service of God and Church. The Adaptation of Church Representations to the European Union's Interest Group System" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Youri Devuyst

ERZEEL Silvia (25 May 2012) "Presence Theory and Beyond. An Empirical Study of Legislators' Acting on behalf of Women in European Democracies" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Karen Celis and prof. dr. Sam Depauw

HANES Margareta (21 March 2012) "The Separateness of Persons and Its Implications for Political Liberalism" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Patrick Stouthuysen

ANDRÉ Audrey (8 February 2012) "Electoral Systems and Constituency Representation" - Supervisors: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer and prof. dr. Sam Depauw

BIEDENKOPF Katja (6 February 2012) "Policy Recycling? The External Effects of EU Environmental Legislation on the United States" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Sebastian Oberthür

CALUWAERTS Didier (9 December 2011) "Confrontation and Communication. Experiments on deliberative democracy in linguistically divided Belgium" - Supervisor: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer

AMINOVA Munira (16 September 2011) “Essays on the Analysis of Trends Affecting Governance in Transition Countries” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Amelia Hadfield

WINKLER Sigrid (4 July 2011) "A Question of Sovereignty? The EU's Policy on Taiwan's Participation in International Organizations." - Supervisor: prof. dr. Bruno Coppieters

MATTELAER Alexander (15 June 2011) "Planning, Friction, Strategy. The Politico-Military Dynamics of Crisis Response Operations" – Supervisosr: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts and prof. dr. Sven Biscop

RUDAKOWSKA Anna (7 June 2011) “Do Values Matter in the EU's Relations with China and Taiwan? The Arms Embargo Debate (2003-2005)" – Supervisor: prof. dr. Bruno Coppieters

WILLE Fanny (6 June 2011) “People seeking Power. A Qualitative Analysis of Local Coalition Formation in Belgium." - Supervisors: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer and prof. dr. Bruno Heyndels

WANG Honguy (16 May 2011) “European Trade Policy Making as an Exchange of Goods between Public and Private Actors in Multilevel Networks” – Supervisors: prof. dr. Bruno Coppieters (VUB) and prof. dr. Xinning Song (Renmin University of China)

HOLSLAG Jonathan (9 February 2011) “China’s Regional Dilemma: An Inquiry into the Limits of China’s Economic and Military Power” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

WOUTERS Patrick (29 September 2010) “ Defence & Security: to Resource, Insource or Outsource? Sharing the benefits and burdens of global security and stability” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

WIERCX Joke (1 June 2010) “All for one and one for all. The democratic legitimacy of European social movement organisations.” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer

FRANCIS Céline (27 April 2010) “Conflict Resolution and Status: the Case of Georgia and Abkhazia (1989-2008)” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Bruno Coppieters

KENTAS Giorgos (4 December 2009) “After the Statecentric Tradition: Toward an Open System Approach to the Organized Violence Problématique” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

PAANTJENS Marjolein (12 January 2009) “Politieke instituties en gender mainstreaming. Een vergelijkende studie van België en Nederland” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer, co-supervisor: prof. dr. P. Meier

LUNANGA Zakumwilo (18 December 2008) “Etat moderne, pouvoir traditionnel et société civile au Sud-Kivu (Congo – Kinshasa)  – Supervisor: prof. dr. J. Gorus

DÜZGIT AYDIN Senem (5 December 2008) “Discursive Construction of European Identity in the EU's Relations with Turkey” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Patricia Van den Eeckhout, co-promotor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

STEFURIUC Irina (19 August 2008) “Subnational coalition formation in multilevel settings: a comparative study of Spain and Germany” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer

TANASESCU Irina (21 March 2008) “Towards a deliberative interpretation of stakeholder involvement in EU policy-making’” – Supervisor: prof. dr. M. Theo Jans

KAVADIAS Dimokritos (6 October 2004) “De school als politieke leeromgeving. De (beperkte) invloed van het secundair onderwijs op politiek relevante houdingen van jongeren in Vlaanderen.” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Kris Deschouwer

SONG Xiaokun (30 June 2004) “Between Civic and Ethnic: The transformation of Taiwanese Nationalist Ideologies, 1895-2000.” – Supervisor: prof. dr. P. Stouthuysen

CELIS Karen (26 May 2004) “Vrouwen vertegenwoordigen. Substantiële en descriptieve vertegenwoordiging van vrouwen in de Kamer tijdens de begrotingsdebatten (1900-1979).” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Alison Woodward

COOLS Hubert (23 April 2004) “Verdraagzaam Samenleven in Sociale huisvesting. Een vergelijkende studie: Manchester, Rotterdam, Lille, Antwerpen” – Supervisor: prof. dr. P. Stouthuysen

MEN Jing (17 February 2004) “Converging to the International Society? An Analysis of Chinese Foreign Policy from 1949 to 2002” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Gustaaf Geeraerts

KOVZIRIDZE Tamara (19 January 2004) “Hierarchy and Interdependence in Multi-level Structures. Foreign and European Relations of Belgian, German and Austrian Federated Entities.” – Supervisor: prof. dr. Bruno Coppieters