The VUB has big plans to be a sustainable organisation. But small steps also help, even with a simple lunch you can contribute. See how we are working towards a more sustainable world with the restaurant and it stays just as tasty.

The sustainable university in the Facts & Figures

The VUB wants to be a thriving university while respecting the limits of the planet. The goal is to be a climate-neutral organisation by 2050. Through research and education, the VUB wants to make that transition.

The VUB's restaurant is as hospitable as ever, but always working on becoming more sustainable. Residual waste has been reduced, there are coffee cups Billie Cups that you can have refilled and they promote fruit to the university community.

Using local ingredients, seasonal vegetables, produce from fair agriculture and sustainably certified fish, the VUB restaurant conjures up varied and sustainable menus. In recent years, our resto's plant-based offerings have grown significantly. Vegan meals are becoming increasingly popular and every meal contains at least 200 grams of vegetables.