We offer treatments by appointment only; we do not accept walk-ins.  Appointments can only be booked or cancelled by telephone or e-mail, or at the reception desk.


You will receive a text or email to remind you of your appointment. However, you remain responsible for the appointment you made.


Treatment can sometimes take longer than expected, resulting in the following appointment starting late. We count on your understanding in this case.


For extensive treatments, you will receive a quotation from us in advance. We advise you to find out which treatments are reimbursed by your insurer and what the maximum amount of the reimbursement is. That way, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. You will only be treated if you have agreed to the price. Always read the quotation carefully. The amounts on the quotation are indicative only; no rights are implied.

If changes to the treatment plan are required, the rates may also change. You are responsible for the exact reimbursement or maximum spend and should keep track of it yourself. Therefore, always ask your dentist or specialist about the treatment costs beforehand and verify with your insurance whether you are eligible for reimbursement. We are not in contact with the insurance companies.

You can always ask us for an overview of the treatments you have paid for.

Late arrival

If you turn up for an appointment late, you run the risk that the treatment cannot be completed as planned or may even have to be cancelled due to a lack of time.


If you are unexpectedly unable to make the appointment, please cancel your appointment by e-mail or by telephone as soon as possible. This will help us assist our other patients more quickly. A failure to inform us in good time (48 hours in advance) results in a compensation fee of € 50. Cancellation or change must be made in writing, 2 working days before the appointment.

Personal details

You must carry a valid identity card at all times. Please inform the reception staff of any changes in your personal details as soon as possible.

Medical details

For everyone's safety and in order to provide you with optimal care, we request that you always share any relevant medical details, such as pregnancy, medication you take, illnesses, infections, abnormalities and allergies.

Privacy and confidentiality

Patient information is not shared with third parties without your approval. All information remains within the University Dental Centre, except when a specialist or general practitioner needs the information for medical purposes (referral). Of course, your details are only shared with your approval.


If you are dissatisfied with the treatment or the way you have been served, we ask you to report this to us as soon as possible. Together, we will look for a solution. If we cannot find a solution, please e-mail

Your belongings

Please take care of your personal belongings. Our University Dental Centre is not liable for damage, theft or loss. We advise you not to leave your belongings unattended.